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There are certain situations and personal capacities towards which we are all more or less unconsciously attracted yet for most people, these elude us! For instance, the ability to enjoy satisfying relationships with others, to possess good health, to make free and conscious decisions, to use our mind to its maximum potential, to enjoy all that is beautiful, to be competent in our work and calm even in moments of crisis, to be open to serenity and joy, and last but not least, the ability to give and receive love. True, these are ambitious goals, but at the same time they are Universal desires, which form the essence of the art of living harmoniously, free from negative ego, and reconnected to soul.

Religion is like a school and spirituality is the education. Unfortunately, most religions do not educate us as to how to reconnect and live the path of the soul. They tell us the historical stories yet they fail to transmit the original power or wisdom.

'PSALM' is a programme through which I have developed simple and effective tools which help us to approach and realise these soul objectives, by understanding and eliminating the simple physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks, sometimes dating back to childhood or even beyond, which prevent us from reaching our goals and reconnecting to soul.

'PSALM' is concerned with the highest realisation of individual potential and reconnection to soul. At the same time you will learn how to avoid unbalanced growth through the harmonisation of all elements of our four bodies, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. In a nutshell, this programme is a holistic approach to achieving self-knowledge and balance. This leads to self- empowerment and reconnection to soul. The oracle at Delphi said two things and Christ repeated this instruction:

'Know thyself and nothing in excess!'


One of the key fundamentals in my 'PSA' synthesis of world teachings is the attainment of a higher level of self-knowledge. This can also be called expanding consciousness or embracing soul. I see it as the ability to be aware of one's inner world and move within it with both ease and confidence. For this to happen, we must first enter into right relationship with that inner 'universe' of feelings, memories and images from which external society \tends to alienate us. We are so distracted by jobs, partners, things, TV, entertainment, sport, hobbies, bills, pressures, fears etc that it is easy to remain totally separate from the inner self indefinitely.

If this first step of self-knowledge is undertaken in the right way, we become aware that within us there are many more or less conscious aspects, roles and attitudes with which from time to time we identify ourselves with, to the point of forgetting or repressing the soul-self.

When we are identifying in this way with one single part of ourselves such as the negative ego self only, we become ruled by it. We are thus enslaved by an illusion. We have seen these patterns in others and we have felt them in ourselves. For example, we have seen someone dominated by anxiety, depression, prejudice or ambition. We have all felt ourselves at times to be prisoners of oppressive negative habitual life patterns, compulsions, obsessions or addictions, which appeared to be beyond our control, even if it was just staying in a job or marriage that we hated or eating foods that are inappropriate.

It's important that through self-inquiry, we learn to make contact withthese aspects of self, which we have denied or forgotten (repressed - relegated to unconscious levels in our four body energy field). We bury parts of ourselves outside conscious awareness because we have found them too painful to deal with. Sometimes, we don't even know we have done this.

We also hide parts of ourselves because they conflict with the conscious image we have of ourselves or with how people around us expect us to behave (the dominant cultural or social norms). For instance, when someone asks us how we feel, we say 'Fine' even if we feel awful. And worse yet, we may even believe it!

Negative ego involves personality identification (such as with our jobs, house, car, marriage, financial or educational status etc). This is learned behaviour and it blocks our awareness of our true self.

To become aware of our true self, we must dis-identify with our negative ego and personality behaviours. We can achieve this easily by writing out a list of our old personal behaviour patterns, character flaws and strengths, and analysing these.

Through this analysis, we will become aware that most of our behaviour is not self-chosen, but is the result of the training we have received from our environment, which has perpetuated our dis-empowerment and separation from soul. As we become aware of our separation from soul, we begin to notice that our possessions, external achievements, personal appearance (how we look) no longer bring total fulfilment or lasting happiness. Now begins the search for soul, for greater meaning in our lives. Thus motivated we can discipline ourselves to find and create new more effective, soul-inspired behaviour patterns.

Making this self-inquiry is like formulating a life map of the past. It is a beginner's step in energy mastery. In the workshops or practice book we proceed to learn more advanced energy mastery techniques. These will remove deeper unconscious blocks and help us define new behaviour patterns which will fulfill our soul nature, the needs of our true self.

For instance, I used to believe that lots of money would make me happy. For that reason, I became a high-achiever workaholic. I became extremely successful, but it didn't make me happy. True, I had all the things I wanted, but I still wasn't satisfied. I was thin, rich, beautiful, intelligent and successful. After I achieved all this, I realised that all the things in the world couldn't make me truly happy! I had achieved what society says is the goal of life yet I felt empty. Something vital was missing. I knew that life must have greater meaning than this.

Gradually, I began my self-analysis. I drew the map of my life on paper and began to become aware of the superficiality of my old behavioural patterns, how ego desires had led me away from my true self. I saw that I never rested, overworked and drove myself relentlessly to new levels of achievement. I never paused to pat myself on the back for that which I had already achieved. The result was dissatisfaction, fatigue and consequent burn out on all levels. Some people call this a breakdown. In my case, it led to a breakthrough. I began to find higher values worth striving for, which simplified and enriched my life.

Previously, I was a very superficial person, valuing only obvious signs of wealth in others. This, I learned, mirrored or reflected my old map of the world for esteeming myself. Then I lost my wealth and status. I lost everything that my former negative ego valued. Because my negative ego felt hopeless and afraid to continue, I was driven to discover deeper levels of myself.

I became aware that I am also a soul-self with values that are eternal. Inspired by these newly emerging values, I made a new map of my life based on the qualities of the soul, which for me include simplicity and authenticity.

When you choose to align yourself with the power of your soul you choose to live your life with love, wisdom, clarity, forgiveness and in humility. This is authentic power. When you choose the path of negative ego, your life becomes a reactive process wherein fear sometimes disguised as anger, jealousy, guilt and hatred take control. I discovered that when you choose separation from the soul or higher self and align yourself with the material world and your lowest aspects of self, then you lose your real power. This, I realised, is why I had it all, yet felt something vital was missing. The power of my soul (and its inner values) was the missing link.

While I was ruled by my negative ego, I was a know it all. I blinded others with knowledge and achievements. I sought thrills and excitement, which I then craved more often and in greater intensity. People thought I was a nice person, yet I realise with hindsight that I was not particularly responsible, truly caring or loving. In total oblivion to spirit and creation, I thrived on the energies of personality and the glamours and seductions of the material world.

When you walk the path of the personality, you give your power to the five senses, to external circumstances and objects, the 'golden idols'. This is truly separation from soul. As I mentioned before, it's easy to remain distracted from true self (soul) because the media, the film, fashion, diet and sports industries largely encourage this and thus generate huge profit and gain. They make us feel insecure and then they feed on our insecurities to get rich!

When the negative ego is in control, we give away our power to external values. Then life becomes a competition with winners and losers, gains and losses, fears and threats. Living this way, in negative ego, I experienced feelings of emptiness related to my achievements and possessions. Things no longer satisfied me or made me feel happy. This, I realise, was the beginning of my awakening to soul. Finally, through four dramatic near death experiences, I became fully convinced that I have a powerful soul indeed. This powerful part of myself guided me back to life and continues to guide me through my life, when I let it.

In my near-death experiences, I was shown that the soul qualities that I needed to embrace include unconditional love, wisdom and compassion. I recognized these to be the energies of creation, when creation is for the greatest good of the whole. As I became aware of my spiritual self and true origins, I realised that my true self is immortal. I then made the decision to live in harmony with this new construct. To do so, I developed new conscious behaviour patterns, which mirror my soul, my inner values.

As I lived these, I began to experience my merging with the soul, where conscious awareness expanded. Then it gradually became more automatic to choose and act in accordance with soul values. This I learned is the beginning of unity consciousness. I came to know this as authentic power.

In order to discover our true nature, our soul, we must first perform a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. Then, having discovered the error of our ways, we must next dis-identify with our old ego behaviour. Only by dis-identifying with our old patterns can we make a clear space within which we can begin to allow ourselves to discover our true self. As we become more aware of the qualities of our true self, we see that we need to develop new behaviour patterns that serve the soul rather than the negative ego.

But how do we then discover ourselves? How do we determine what behaviour will express our true selves most appropriately? My measuring stick is to determine if the proposed behaviour will bring me the greatest joy. Then I examine if my life choice is inspired or directed by love or fear. For instance, am I taking this job because I am afraid I cannot pay the bills, which is poverty consciousness? Or will this career choice allow me to express my absolute passion? Another check I perform is to ask myself, 'Will this job allow me to best serve the soul needs of others as best as I can determine what those are?'

This process of awakening to the nature of our true selves can be greatly accelerated by being with someone who is already more awake than we are.

Furthermore, there is a process whereby an awakened being can reconnect the prepared student to deeper connection with his true self. This is called 'initiation' or 'attunement'.

For initiation to be most effective, the soul searching and dis-identification ideally ought to come first. Whether it comes first or not, it must be continued throughout your life.


Initiation is about opening up to receive energy direct from source. Before we are initiated, the only way we can receive the energy we need is to take it from others. We have many nice names for this kind of energy-stealing behaviour in our society such as debate, arguing, withdrawal, feeling sorry for ourselves, etc. We do all these things so that others will pay attention to s, which gives us their energy.

There are four basic ways that we can steal energy from others.

1. Intimidators steal energy from others by threatening.

2. Interrogators steal it by judging and questioning.

3. Aloofs attract attention or energy by playing remote or mysterious.

4. Victims or Poor Me's make us feel guilty and responsible for them.

In our workshop, we will explore which of these energy-stealing patterns that each of us typically use. It is important to recognize that everyone who is not yet connected with their true self (source) uses these behaviours. There is no need to feel guilty or ashamed about having done so. However, it's time to wake up and reconnect with the true source of energy, spirit, God or love whatever you choose to name it. That's what this workshop is all about.

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