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What is the path of the soul versus negative ego?

There are two kinds of energy we can experience in the world today. Source energy is rarely seen because so few humans are fully connected with it. Those who are more fully connected with it demonstrate inner values and are living the path of the soul. People who have not yet fully reconnected to source, do not have direct access to source energy. All they can access is human energy, which is 'pre-digested', stepped-down source energy. Because they are out of contact with their inner true self, they value themselves by outer things (possessions, status, looks). This is living the path of the negative ego.

The Hopi Indians say there are two paths we can live: the path of comfort, profit and greed (negative ego) or the path of the soul.

Qualities of living the path of the soul are:


- The ability to heal self and others.

- Living life with compassion, wisdom, love not comparing self to others.

- Creativity for the greatest good of the whole.

- Bravery and courage.

- Finding higher truth, changing to embrace this truth and walking this talk every day in your life even if or especially if no one is watching.

Qualities of living the path of negative ego are:

- Striving for money, possessions, looks, status.

- Esteeming and defining yourself through these outer values.

- Continually distracting yourself with outer stimuli, e.g., tv, entertainment, sport, sex, drugs, alcohol, work, gambling, parties etc.

Money is a symbol of external power. Money is one of the things in the world of negative ego, that we rely on to give us power when we have lost connection to soul. From the perspective of negative ego, having lots of money provides the most chance to control our lives and those within it. For those without connection to source energy, money gives them a false sense of security and power. They get money by any means they can: by working for it, by inheriting it or even by stealing it. We even fight wars for it, within families and on a global scale.

Money in itself is not bad. Used by one on the path of the soul, money can be an instrument for great good on this planet. It's important that we learn to develop right relationship to money.

There are many other negative ego things we use to esteem ourselves when we have lost connection to the soul. Educational degrees, social status, celebrity status, designer labels and things that are owned, if we derive a sense of increased security from them, are symbols of external power. Anything we fear to lose, be it a luxury home or a fabulous car, a particular body image or shape, youthfulness, an agile mind, a deep belief is a symbol of external power and something we have attached to in order to esteem ourselves. We even compete with each other about who possesses the best things, or who has done the most successful things. Surely the fear of loss of our status or external power symbols is illustrating to us that we have in fact already lost our personal power. We are programmed by society today that the only way we can feel 'powerful' is to have and do all the things that make us appear to be successful.

Once we begin to differentiate between soul and negative ego values, by identifying all the examples of external power in our life and changing the way we think, feel and be, we can start to experience real and authentic power. This is reconnection to soul. In right relationship to soul, you can still enjoy an elegant home, lovely clothes, a comfortable car, an interesting career, but these things are no longer the 'be and end all'. They don't control you when you have conquered negative ego and no longer esteem yourself from external symbols of power. Suddenly you are free to choose other possibilities.

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