The Map of the Ancients explained

1. The Psychological stage of Bondage

Alchemy: Calcination - burning to ashes.

In this stage the negative ego structures are brought to light and come into question. The cause may be just the trials and tribulations of your life finally wearing you down. Or it may be caused by some personal loss, illness or disaster. Everything may seem empty and meaningless. You may feel like just saying, "Why bother?" You become aware of having lived a lie due to socialisation and the belief in a separate existence (me against them). The best strategy for this stage is to use your fiery powers of analysis to burn away erroneous attitudes and attachments. Stay aware. Avoid old distractions and release all attachment to the status quo. Watch for meaningful coincidences in your life and follow up on them. Be truthful with yourself and with others.

2. The Lightning Bolt of Awakening

The Psychological stage of Awakening

Alchemy: Dissolution - dissolving the ashes in water.

Your sense of who you are, your ego, gets clobbered by some disaster and lets go of the control. Then, without the inhibitions and repressions of the ego, you fall into yourself, into the subconscious. All sorts of forgotten memories and denied behaviours flood up into your awareness. You start to feel genuine feelings - feelings that you perhaps didn't know that you even had. You come in touch with the "shadow", parts of yourself that were suppressed in your upbringing as being not socially acceptable. This is the stage of immersion in the waters of the subconscious. You likely feel quite overwhelmed in this stage. You will likely experience a rather disoriented inner review of the events of your life. Keep aware and accept all feelings that arise without judgement. Carefully consider all the times you have hurt others or they have hurt you. Impartially notice the triggers that "get your goat". The wisest advice is to cease to take anything personally, past or present.

3. The Calm that Follows the Storm

The Psychological stage of Revelation

Alchemy: Separation - Filtering consciousness.

In this stage, your ego is awake again but rather subdued and no longer interfering. Now is the time to use this helpful aspect of your ego to sort through all the memories, impulses and images that arose in stage two. You decide what liabilities to junk and what talents to keep. Meditation assists this stage. You need to separate yourself from people, places and things that do not support the new you that is about to be born. However, be sure to learn your lessons before separating so you don't have to repeat the same lessons in the next relationships. Now is the time to go beyond striving for comfort and greed and discover your purpose. Cease to make assumptions. Know that whatever others do is about them, not about you. Visualise the new you with all the good parts put together and fully functioning. Now is the time to focus all the energy of your attention upon that which you wish to manifest.

4. Build the House and Spirit Will Come

The Psychological stage of Organisation

Alchemy: Conjunctio - of male/female/divine/mundane.

In this stage, you bring together the parts your decided to keep in stage 3. You use them to build the new identity. For success in this stage, feed, exercise and sleep well. Organise your life. Get rid of old junk. Identify and stop the energy stealing patterns. Draw energy from Source rather than from other people. Take action because you choose to. Do your very best in all that you do yet know that your best changes with time. In the last three stages, you resolved the stress between the conscious and subconscious. In this stage, these two have an inner marriage - the conjuntio. You experience the opening of your heart and find the answers to your life questions. You are reborn as the hero, can heal, can teach, can lead. You feel, perhaps for the first time, real altruistic love that wants the best for the other. It feels like you have made it. However...

5. Love Like the Sun

The Psychological stage of Regeneration

Alchemy: Putrefaction and Fermentation. Resurrection

The harmony between the conscious and subconscious, the union or "inner marriage" that took place in stage four, is destroyed. You are subjected to further purification and consequent resurrection. It's good to know in advance that this stage is to be expected. Otherwise, it can seem like all the work you have done before accomplished nothing. In reality, during this stage you are confronted with not only any left-over personal shadow, but also with the shadow of the whole human race. It will assist you to realise that you soul sits with you while you are confronted with these images. Keep cool and allow this further clearing process to proceed. Avoid self-pity, loathing, blaming and judgement. The "yeast" that is instilled into your fermenting process is the gold of divine realisation. Its action will bring up all residual false beliefs and patterns in your personality for correction. Stalk, confront and resolve all disharmonious patterns in your life. Identify these false beliefs and replace them with ones that are in harmony with your highest personal realisations. Redeem the shadow qualities. They are a source of great power and completion. Deal with pain the moment it arises. Know what your mission is in life and live it. Uplift others by giving them your undivided attention and seeing the divine in them behind the mask of personality. It's there in everyone. Practice seeing it there. Keep the faith. This too shall pass.


6. Face to face with the Creator Within, the Big Picture

The Psychological stage of Realisation

Alchemy: Distillation - Purification - Polishing the diamond.

In this stage, the last vestiges of being a separate person are gradually eradicated. You will have periodic visions of Source, seeing and feeling God face to face. Clear out any remaining spiritual darkness. You learn to honour both the spiritual and the physical. A kind of philosophical maturity sets in and multi-sensory awareness develops. Although you still create, it is no longer for your personal ego, but for the good it will do others. You develop a healthy spiritual maturity and perspective. When your plans don't turn out as you hoped, you take it in good grace and move on. The pure spirit is distilled from the fermenting brew of stage 5. Practice tithing a goodly portion of your time and money. Focus upon the synchronicities in your life and allow them to guide your spiritual ripening. Be very vigilant. See that every thought, word and deed is in harmony with your growing vision of the great plan. Disempower the inner judge, the victim and all the false beliefs that you have been taught. For clarity and incisiveness, remember that the angel of death is always at your side. You only have so much time here in this body so use it very well.


7. Everywhere and All the Time

The Psychological stage of Freedom, Cosmic Consciousness

Alchemy: Coagulation.. Wholeness

In this stage, all the purified parts are joined into the perfected consciousness. The Higher Self fully incarnates and takes guidance of the personality and all other vehicles of consciousness. Now there is no "other". There is only the Source awake where there was once you. Realise that striving for this goal is counterproductive. In this state, there is no striving at all. Yes, when still focussed in the personal life, there is much preparation to do. Still, when this state is achieved, one realises that all sense of personal striving is illusory. there is only the One doing what it does in all. Most who have tasted this state return to serve and teach others. What you do is the same as Source acting and has ultimate success. This brings great confidence. You become an administrator of cosmic law. See how your mission fits into the great plan, the world vision. You have your part to play in the cosmic symphony. Maintain the vision of your part against the background of the greater plan. Intent this into physical reality with all that you are and do. Accept everything as it comes. Release everything as it goes. It's a grand paradox - absolute freedom and great responsibility. Bridge this paradox in the mystery of being the One that is all this.

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