Workshop Contents

1 Workshop contents

What is Personal Spiritual Alchemy?                            
MS-REM - 'Super Reiki' Accelerated Healing Explained   
How Did These Teachings Come to Exist in This Form?                
An Introduction to Susie Anthony                 
MS-REM Energy Mastery
The True Definition of Healing -'Wholing'         
Initiation - A Call to Spirit                                 
The Traditional Usui Reiki Path Revisited

A Brief Introduction to Usui Reiki
What Does Reiki Mean?         
What Can Reiki Do For You?                     
What Is Disease?                                    
Reiki - Universal Life Energy - A Brief History of Usui Reiki Quest for Knowledge                                
The Holy Writings  
Meditation and Revelation                 
The Healing Miracle                                 
The Birth of the Ethical Principles of Reiki                     

Ethical Principles of Reiki                                
How Does Life Force Energy Heal?                                        
Achieving Balance and Empowerment                            
Affirmations to Clear Unwanted Thought Forms                        
Reiki and Raku-Kei                     
Reiki 1st Degree Body Notes                             

Understanding How We Create With Our Thoughts
Life Is Not A Free For All - All Thought Is Creative                    
The 100th Monkey and the 100th Man Experiments                
The Morphogenetic Fields & A Possible End To All Disease   
The New Feminine Aquamarine Creation Ray                        

Understanding The Human Energy System Via The Chakras
Chakra Colour Therapy                         
The Seven Chakras Colour Chart                             
A Brief Overview of Chakra Colour Therapy Foods                 

Coping With Higher Energies After Initiation
Grounding And Protecting Techniques                            
Increased Sensitivity
Coping With Increased Sensitivity     
Grounding/Earthing Techniques                     
Protecting Techniques                                 

PSA The Processes, Activations & Meditations

MS-REM Super Reiki Activations And Processes                                
 1. Awakening the Dormant Chambers of the Brain                
  2. Sacred Conjunction - Integrating left and right brain
  3. Subtle Energy Body Harmonic Resonance Alignment         
  4. Anchoring the Higher Light Body Energy Matrix                 
MS-REM Meditation                                        
Mahatma Meditation                                        

Breathing, Grounding Relaxation Exercises
Spirit Earth Breathing Exercises                         
Cleansing Breath                                     
Basic Exercise For Rhythmic Breathing                     
Brain Stimulation                                     
Hawaiian Kahunas                                    
Circular Breathing                                    

Background To Sacred Initiation And Practice
MS-REM Ray Super Reiki Attunement and the
Seven Planetary Ray Ascension Initiation                    
PSA, MS-REM Simplified Initiation Ritual                            

Psychological Renewal And Recapitulation
The PSA Self-Mastery Programme                                    
That Great Mechanic in the Sky
Overview of the PSA Self-Mastery Programme

Working to Reconnect to Spirit            
Higher Self - Reasons For Not Experiencing Or Allowing Clear Higher Self Communication                    

Who Are The MS-REM Super Reiki Guides ?                             
Angels at a Glance - A Reference Guide    
Angels and Archangels
The Four Archangels of God             

2 Workshop contents

Advanced Psychological Renewal
The Seven Alchemical Levels                         
Understanding the Psychological Parts -
Alchemical Stage one, Ego and Persona                    
Sound Conscious Languaging -
Every Word We Speak is an Experience Coming into Reality            

An In-depth Advanced Overview of the Chakra System             
Spiritual Science                 
The Chakras and their Functions                     
The Seven Major Chakras and Associated Psychological Functions
The Twenty Two Chakras                                
The Third-Dimensional Chakras                        
Chakra Colours         
Chakra ToningThe Fourth-Dimensional Chakras
The Fifth-Dimensional Chakras  

Understanding Reiki - The Language Of Light And Symbols
The Traditional Reiki Path - 2nd Degree Notes                 
Usui Reiki Symbols                                    
More on the Usui Reiki Symbols                            
MS-REM Super Reiki Symbols - The Chalice and Dove            
The Antahkarana Symbol                     
The Sacred Secret of Reiki: Hui Yin                             
The Hui Yin Practice that I Recommend                 
Locating the Hui Yin Position                            
Hui Yin Exercise for Women                            
Hui Yin Exercise for Men                            
Ki Exercise for Women                     
Ki Exercise for Men                                
The Hui Yin Position and Contracting the Hui Yin            

PSA & MS-REM Super Reiki Processes And Meditations
The Resurrection Matrix Activation     
Two Wolves                                     
The Toltecs                                        
Seventh Violet Ray Empowerment - Higher Cleansing            
Violet Flame of Higher Illumination Process                    
The Invocation of Grace         
Diamond Ray Matrix Invocation                     
A Journey Throught the Tree of Life                        
Correspondences to the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life                
Qaballah Healing Notes         
Path of Flaming Sword                             
Manifesting Grid                                    

3 Workshop contents

The Processes And Activations
The Platinum Resurrection Matrix Creative Visualisation
Advanced Esoteric Teachings

Shamanism And Power Totems
Pan and the Nature Spirits
The Evolution of Life
Becoming a 21st Century Shaman
The Shamanic Death Initiation
About Negative Ego
Animal Power Totems for Transformation and Rebirth
Animal Power Totems for Joy, Fun and Beauty
Animal Power Totems for Protection, Leadership, Courage
Crystal Spirit Medicine Ray Attunements
Plant Spirit Medicine Rays Attunements
Tree Spirit Medicine Rays Attunements
Healing with Trees

Reiki Master Healer Notes
Usui Reiki Origins - Master Healer Level
The Healing Crisis - Seeker Be Alert!
The Usui Master Symbol
Tibetian Buddhist Definition of the Five Reiki Symbols
Other Reiki Disciplines - An Overview
Etheric Acupuncture
Testimonial from Keith McFarlane
Reiki Meditation
The Story of the Grace Symbol
Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma - Mother energy - DNA
The Crystal Grid

Further Practices For Psychological Renewal
Cards and Divining Tools
Reconnecting to Spirit
No Distraction
Power Journalling
Personality Behaviour versus Spiritual-Self Behaviour
Exercises for Strengthening the Chakras
Alchemical Stage Two
The Journey Within - Lightning Strikes
Surrendering to the Flow - Retreating within
Pay Attention - No distraction
The Subconscious, the Unconscious and the Archetypes
- Magical worlds and magical beings within
Recognizing and Integrating the Shadow

Expanding The Big Picture
The Mayan Prophecy
Decree a Thing Thus
The Big Picture
The Tao of Pooh and The Te of Piglet

4 Workshop contents

The Cathar Prophecy of 1244
PSA 4 Summary
Ascension Defined
Symptoms of Ascension Defined
Light Stress Antidotes
The Big Picture of Spirituality versus Religion
Many Masters - Many Lives - Reincarnation

The Processes And Activations
1. The MerKaBa and the Flower of Life
2. Healing and Integration of the Inner Child
3. Shamanic Soul Retrieval
4. An Introduction to TantrIc Sacred Sexuality
5. Time Line Guides

5 Workshop contents

Supramental Descent Explained
Riding The Dragon
Living Avatar Initiation
Conception of the Living Christ

Vital teachings needed by humanity at this time

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