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Savannah Alalia

My Mother was the daughter of an Italian diplomat and my Father went to private school, yet their fortunes changed somewhat with marriage and children. My Father, though highly skilled couldn't find work, bills couldn't be paid, tension and fear crept into our lives. Apart from that brief spell of unemployment, my parents were always busy working and socialising. I lacked any sort of routine or structure. As for dysfunctional behaviour, there was much psychological and even some physical abuse when tempers became frayed and people were at breaking point.

By the age of 16 - although consciously I was filled with good intentions, with dreams and hopes of something better or greater....another way, I had been absorbed into the classic teenage societal programme of look like this, act like this, fit in and conform, get drunk and party to numb the fear of not knowing what life is really all about.

Like Brigit Jones, I was co-dependent, I was drinking heavily and smoking 40 a day and had become used to a family enviroment, which was largely highly dysfunctional not through conscious malicious intention, just through ignorance. There were continual arguments and shouting and screaming matches, sometimes physical violence. All this was quite scary for a young girl.

Eventually, one and then both my brothers developed strong addictions to drugs and alcohol. Though less threatening, they had powerful secondary additions also to tv, computer games and food. Indeed they had learned from an early age to use these as a way of distracting themselves from the underlying despondency and hostility that had become our daily routine. Also I feel they avoided the emptiness of life in what I now call the 'Matrix' - doing, having and consuming. None of us could see any point and there didn't seem to be any love.

My one younger brother started using drugs at 12. My Mother, a psychotherapist, had a fashionable laissez faire attitude about this, saying that as long as she allowed him to use drugs in the house, rather than on the street, he would be safe. She told us all she felt he would grow out of this and that it was just a stage. With a total lack of guidance, tough love, or discipline or anyone asking him what his pain was about, he is now 23 and using hard drugs daily.

Although our parents loved us in the best way they knew how, they were unable to guide us or lead us as they had found no way to lead themselves out of their own chaos and ignorance. Good intentions don't do it. I have come to know it's about good intentions lived and implemented with a good measure of discipline. They had both done tons of workshops and read thousands of philosophical books but hadn't found a way to live what they knew. Despite the fact they had both studied many different psychological and philosophical ideas - they had failed to apply them to their lives and so this knowledge made no difference. I have now come to understand that knowledge understood and lived leads to wisdom and power, yet unlived, knowing something makes absolutely no difference to our reality - it's just a head trip! Susie loves Einstein and often uses one of his famous quotes, 'An intellectual thought never healed anything.'

I am profoundly grateful for the PSA teachings, which have shown me such a different way to approach life. It's still the same planet with the same people places and things but my positive attitude and the empowered way I can respond to challenges now creates heaven instead of hell on earth for me and those around me.

At 16 I was suppressing all my pain by drinking, smoking and partying. I was esteeming myself on my 'hot' body and getting attention by dressing in skimpy clothes like they told me to in all the beauty magazines and Hollywood films. My clothes left little or nothing to the imagination. I was misguidedly seeking attention and desperately seeking love by losing myself in lust and co-dependent relationships hoping to find true happiness and meaning in life. In actual fact I felt incredibly insecure, even though in society's eyes I had the looks, I was fairly bright and was filled with really really good intentions.

I now realise that this lack of self worth and feeling less than stemmed from the fact that I was critised by both my parents for never being good enough. I am still overcoming this negative false belief and it's a life long things. With all these judgements and projections from those who were supposed to love me most, I felt like I was fighting a losing battle, so I gave up, drank more smoked more and got into unsuitable lust based relationships fooling myself that this was love.

Thanks to PSA and Susie's teachings, I now no longer blame my parents because I realise they were just repeating patterns they had learned. Thanks to Susie's guidance I have realised that my life purpose is to break all the chains of their energy stealing patterns and live in right relationship to the self and the all.. Today I am beginning to help others to do this and I feel so alive and so filled with self love from this.

Deep down inside I knew there must be something that could heal my life and create a lasting change. I knew I could find authentic happiness from learning to love myself and trust my abilities and when I found this work, I knew I was right. PSA holds the keys to all of this and much much more even than this.

Eight years ago, when I first met Susie all I could tell you at the time was that there was something incredibly different about this woman. She was ALIVE, vibrant, vital, passionate and joyous. When I spoke to her she was really there for me - attentive, respectful, considerate, honest, open and caring. I felt like she could see into parts of me I didn't even know existed and of course I was right. She had and has a dignity and grace, which I would later come to realise is our divine inheritance and birthright as human beings. We access this incredible legacy when we live in connection to spirit. Susie says often - it's so simple yet it is challenging because that reconnection to spirit that we all mostly forget in the doing, having and consuming of everyday material life.

What I considered most amazing and still do is wherever Susie went this higher vibration transformed people.. She left a trail of miracles behind her. I have seen cancerous inoperable brain tumours vanish, lupus healed. AIDS - you name it. The list is too long to mention. Susie embodies real mastery and with this continuing to this very day, she has the ability to create lasting and consistent change and transformation in other people's lives. More importantly, she shows people how to maintain and support this change for themselves. In the last eight years she has tirelessly influenced for the better possibly thousands of people by now - by guiding them to reconnect to what she calls - creative universal energy. This is much more than a one workshop wonder because Susie's work is about showing people how to stay connected and maintain any higher transformation. She does this mostly be being a living example. Her clients include heads of billion dollar corporations, spy chiefs, surgeons, MP's, lawyers, Nobel prizewinners, celebrities. She also tithes to the poor and has done incredible work with children - recently a ten year old boy - the son of English nobility, said that the inner war finally had stopped in him due to Susie's workshop with him. He said he'd like to abandon his 100 roomed house on 2,000 acres and move into our modest house! He also couldn't believe that Susie was so old, nearly 50 and had no wrinkles. It's this work - it's truly magic - it must be because Susie doesn't advertise and yet people fly in from all over the world to work with her.

I have had the privilege to walk beside this great, humble and dynamic being for eight years so far, learning about and applying the 'how to' of this wondrous work to my own life. I am learning how to live heaven on earth. I am in a team of people where I am now able to demonstrate healthy inter- dependent relationships, which are more profound and meaningful then any previous co-dependent relationships I have had. In the ruins of my former personality, ego based belief system, I am finding my true spiritual power and God knows this planet and we all need this energy to heal.

Through the last eight years I have experienced a wealth of different things none of which have been dull or boring - I have seen many different people who have been given weeks to live return to radiant health in the same amount of time by working with PSA. I have witnessed people from all walks of life, all creeds, colours and different religious backgrounds all able to come together and work with theses tools to create a life they love living. I have witnessed people's cynicism melt away as they experience PSA. Most amazing and inspiring of all is seeing people light up with hope, joy and a regained sense of purpose. To me this work is the stuff that makes dreams come true. The more I have worked with PSA the more I have realised how much I need to learn and how much there is to learn. I love this and I love helping others to access this higher spiritual perspective of life.

At the age of 18 I was offered a super-model contract with Elle. This would have meant I would only have had to work for 3 months of the year in order to earn what most people take home in a couple of years. So I'd have had no financial worries. I always remember Susie's questions to me - so what is it you desire to become? Is this your dream? Are you passionate about it? Is being a super model what a master would do? What would love do? Is the ethos behind the fashion industry in line with what you believe in? What's the easiest way to feel ugly - read a fashion magazine? Boy - did I ever wake up. My goal and passion in life was and is to be my fullest potential, to embody and live a life of mastery in balance and inspire others to love themselves and do the same - I chose to go deeper into PSA - and am grateful daily for this choice.

PSA taught me how to move through any challenge and inspired me to know how sometimes the things, which appear the most challenging, can be the greatest blessings.

I truly got to example this at 22. My partner of 6 years was diagnosed with AIDS, Hepatitis C and Lymphatic Tuberculosis - three highly contagious terminal diseases. Which thanks to my daily discipline and structures of PSA I am completely clear of any disease.

The teachings of PSA applied in my life daily by then helped me to demonstrate to the universe that I could live the teachings and get the lessons and grow from this incredible experience. And I did. This was a dynamic and powerful healing for him and with assistance from Susie he began working with PSA and started to transform his life into something magnificent - I am so deeply grateful to Susie for this as I know Sebastian was transformed and healed even though he died. He died fully conscious of his spiritual connection. His very last words on PSA before he died were - ' all I am interested in is this work - it is the only thing that has made a difference in my life and it is the only thing I can take with me '. He was able to reconnect to the higher purpose and greater meaning of life and feel self love again, such is the power of PSA. This gave me great hope and I felt inspired to see someone transcend the terrible stigma of AIDS, merging back to spirit.

With all I have experienced I remain in humble awe of this work and Susie's tireless passion, dedication and discipline to awaken and guide others - no matter how stuck or how hopeless they seem. She never gives up. I continually feel a renewed sense of hope and inspiration with each new day and I can honestly say I love my life. For the first time in my life I am able to love myself for who I am rather than what I look like, what I have, what I do for others or who my partner is. I love me for me and now I feel I have a good understanding of who that person is. Thanks to PSA, Susie and continued application of these tools I know my journey continues and I trust in my goal - to assist as a many people as possible to realise their highest potential in whatever way I can best serve.

In deepest gratitude to you Susie




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