PSALM Retreats, the local history of Glastonbury , Montsegur and the Grail Quest

Carefully planned excursions are planned to a selection of the most powerful sites, some very famous others not so well known, so as to provide the visitor with a connection to the area that is holistic and harmoniously empowers this work.

Stonehenge - Experience the deep and powerful energies emanating from these magnificent stone monuments and learn why these sacredly aligned rocks can so profoundly affect our consciousness

Glastonbury Tor - Traditionally mystics have recognised that this is one the earth's seven chakra/power centres and experiencing the Tor's extraordinary energies directly, adds an enormous credence to this view. Walk the sacred processional path of the Tor's Labyrinth and experience the heart of this great spiritual circle reverberating; climb to the peak and enjoy glorious 365 degree views which on a clear day can stretch up to 50 miles in any direction.


Glastonbury Abbey - Relax in the magical garden setting of these ancient grounds and connect with its vivid mythology. Learn how the principles that these legends purvey are built on universal truths that maintain their relevance in today's technological age. Special attunements are available on the Abbey grounds in a private temple, containing an 18" tall statue of Ganesh carved from a single ruby crystal. Watch your abundance grow! Opportunities to purchase sacred crystals and jewellery will made available to those who desire.

Chalice Well - Drink the healing water from this sacred well and witness first hand where Joseph of Arimathea is believed to have brought the Christ Himself to receive his important initiations and training.

Wearyall Hill Thorn Tree - It is widely believed that England 's first Christian Chapel was built on Glastonbury 's Wearyall Hill. At this spot it is said a thorn tree was planted by an Essene master. The descendant's cuttings of this first thorn tree bloom in the winter as well as the summer but only in Glastonbury . Enjoy the beauty of this flowering miracle and connect on a group level with the energies it embodies


The Seven Isles and Twelve Hides

John Michell in a 'New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury ' writes that the seven hills of Avalon, including the famous Tor, were man-made by the Sumerians. These Seven Isles , 'etched out' in prehistoric times match the stellar heavens and are built in the configuration of the Great Bear. The land within a 12 mile radius of Glastonbury was altered by our ancestors, into what may be literally described as a 'pre-Christian Celestial Temple of the Mysteries.'

On the sacred history of this area I quote again from John Michell's highly recommended - New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury "The traditional origin of Glastonbury 's privileges is that a pagan ruler, King Arviragus, in the first century AD, bestowed twelve hides or 1440 acres of land upon twelve early Christian missionaries, led by St Joseph of Arimathea." The PSA Life Mastery Retreat Centre overlooks many of these sacred sites and visitations to the "Twelve Hides of Glastonbury " are to be arranged.

Michell states that "Seven of the islands within Glastonbury 's Twelve Hides were of special significance and were held sacred from the earliest times." He gives their names as the Isle of Avalon, Beckery, Godney, Martinsea, Meare, Panborough and Nyland.

Nyland, site of Project: Earth Alchemy in November 2005, the 7 th Tor, is pictured left.

In the Middle Ages each of these islands had its own chapel. Michell is able to identify the significance of these seven islands:

"Why these particular seven islands were so distinguished has long been a mystery.. The answer emerges when the seven islands are plotted together on a map. They form a pattern which closely approximates to the pattern of the seven stars in the Great Bear constellation."


The importance of Glastonbury's seven sacred islands is greatly expanded with the awareness that they are an ancient earthly mirror of the seven stars of the Great Bear or Big Dipper constellation (Ursa Major) This configuration is often called Arthur's Wain and traditional Astrological writers such as Rene Guenon, Philippe Lavenu and Julius Evola point out that in the ancient mythos, Arthur is the Bear (incidentally, MacArthur means 'Son of the Bear'). Without going into a detailed explanation if Arthur is the Bear/Warrior, then by natural correspondence Merlin is the Boar/Druid.

It can safely be assumed that the Glastonbury region is one of the holiest centres on the face of the earth because so many religions and cultures have met and meshed around its fields and streams. The true Glastonbury atmosphere, embracing zodiac (astrology), maze (psychology) and Grail (cosmology) is defiantly universal, never dogmatic or parochial. These triadic images symbolise respectively heavenly glory, earthly complexity and a linking gateway to the wonders of the Higher Worlds. They all combine to form a psychic representation of the Cosmic Temple on earth and this is physically realised in the landscape geomancy around the Isle of Avalon, with Glastonbury Abbey and the Tor as the key sites.

The strengths of the Avalonian mythos remain because they are based on the energies and harmonies contained within the original structure of Creation. Something vibrant and beautiful watches over the hills of Glastonbury , for this section of the English landscape is the Dream of the Gods made real.

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