PSALM Payment and Refund Policy

We accept cheques, postal orders, money orders, and cashier's cheques for all events. We also accept cash at the event, but please do not mail cash for deposits.

We also take credit cards for workshops, sessions or retreats, and we do accept credit card cheques, which you can obtain from your financial institution.  

See Paypal page for details how to pay by credit card.

Once you send a deposit for a session, class, tour or retreat, you have committed yourself to that event. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable under any and all circumstances. In other words, be clear that you want to and are able to attend the event.

If, for some reason, a class or tour is cancelled, you will be sent a full refund.

A Clarification Regarding Our Refund Policy

You are not registered for an event until we receive a deposit. We gladly receive your phone calls but we do not hold space without a deposit.

If an event is full when we receive your payment, we will refund your money immediately. And if the dates for a class or tour are changed from the posted schedule, you will be asked whether you would still like to attend or receive a refund. Every attempt will be made to keep the dates of events the same as those that are posted in the schedule, but we are planning some events over a year in advance in order to secure the best possible locations and facilities. Given the fact that Susie teaches all over the world, and given the rapid change of international situations, we may occasionally have to change events and/ or dates.

We hope this clarifies the policy. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].   Thanks.

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