The ethos and ideology behind the PSALM synthesis of teachings is about achievement. However, it's never about achievement in the material sense of the word only. For the last 13 years now I have steered a course to embody peace of mind, living mastery and enlightenment. I do know that if I had continued to focus on society's norms - do/have/consume, I am certain I would have died unfulfilled and dissatisfied. I see so many people die not knowing why they have lived - finding it all so pointless. This is hell on earth. I have created heaven on earth for myself now. My workshops, retreats and these newsletters are aimed to show people how to find the key to create the miracle of true heaven on earth for themselves. For me, this has been about shedding the skins of my former personality self values and attitudes - compete, judge, attack and fear. I have replaced these learned behaviours with noble spiritual principles, remembered AND learned, which I live - love, co-operate, share, discriminate, be!

When you truly know what goals you wish to achieve over the course of your life, practice detached involvement and focus your will on these goals. It doesn't matter whether these ideas are material, emotional, physical or spiritual in nature, but what is essential is that you learn to dedicate your time actioning strategies to accomplish these aims. Do this daily and there you will find joy, abundance and total well being. You will find ultimate joy. However, it's vital you know your life's purpose. It's even more vital you then commit to take action consistently to create and manifest this in your life. The great masters call this Dharma, which is only in fact the Sanskrit word for 'life purpose'.

From Dharma comes inner peace, harmony and true lasting contentment. Dharma is based upon the ancient wisdom teachings that every one of us has a heroic mission when we incarnate on this planet. We have all been granted a unique range of talents, gifts and skills, that will readily allow us to realise this lifework. The key is how to discover what these are and what the bigger picture is on earth. This is what these newsletters, workshops, retreats and events are about! My dharma is to help others discover their path, unique talents and gifts that bring true and lasting joy.

1 - The Future of the Human Race Revealed
2 - The Mayan Prophecies Explained
3 - True Spiritual Awakening
4 - Reconnecting to spirit
5 - How to create a miracle
6 - Initiation - The Chosen Method to Elevate Consciousness
7 - Science & Spirituality
8 - The Alchemy of Depression
9 - The Melchizedek Prophecy of The Cathars 1244
10 - Alice Bailey Theosophical Society Teachings
11- Honouring Sebastian
12- MS-REM Super Reiki - Life Force Energy Mastery Explained.
13 -Qaballah - Tree of Life Ancient Wisdom Teachings
14 - Spirituality v Religion

Vital teachings needed by humanity at this time

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