“After the Experience, I did some research and read many reports of people seeing a blue light in angel experiences, thought to be associated with the archangel Michael.

Susie Anthony from Somerset teaches all forms of reiki, personal empowerment and spiritual self awareness, but things could have turned out very differently if it weren't for her guardian angel:

I quite literally would not be here today if my guardian angel hadn't stepped in. I was a very powerful, successful business woman and had experienced everything money could buy, but I felt there was a gaping hole in my life and I burned out. I totally rebelled, stopped working and developed a serious drug addiction.

On Good Friday, 1992, I was in my apartment having taken drugs, when I started to die. I knew it was happening and suddenly I was looking down at my shattered shell of a body lying on the floor and I was floating above it.

I become aware of a presence beside me and a brilliant sapphire blue pillar of light. It told me its name was Michael, that now was not my time to die, and that I should transform myself and help others to do the same.

I then found myself fully restored and dialing a unfamiliar telephone number. Someone answered and I didn't know who it was. The voice said, "Is this Susie Anthony?" It was an old friend I had completely lost touch with and who's new telephone number I could not possibly have known. I told her what had happened and she believed, and helped me get my life back together.

After the experience I did some research and read many reports of people seeing a blue light in angel experiences, thought to be associated with the archangel Michael. I am most humbly astonished at how this encounter changed my. Before this experience I never believed such things were possible.

Thanks to the angels, which I now believe surround us all the time, waiting to help, I am completely recovered from my addiction and have a successful working life teaching people how to get in touch with their angelic guides by reconnecting to  spirit. My guardian angel helped me that night and still watches over me now.

Melchizedek -Prince of Peace -King of Angels

Susan Anthony has created a most powerful set of courses that connect us to our Celestial brothers and sisters, awaken true spirituality and transform lives for the better. It's called MS-REM.

MS-REM workshops are attended by various types of healers, seasoned spiritual seekers and abso-lute beginners or newcomers alike who say that they have never felt such powerful spiritual energies.
Visit our website to find out why other Reiki masters find this modality so incredibly powerful:

Elements that make this work especially effective include daily self-work (hands-on healing) to reconnect to spirit and the angelic realms, a review of the events of your life including a searching personal profile, forgiveness of self and others, making amends with those we have hurt, elimination of negative habits, and vigilance that every thought, word and deed expresses only that which we wish to see manifested in our lives. When we align with our Angelic guides - we are powerful creators and our word becomes our experience!

The work is intense, even monumental, but the rewards are too. Attunement to higher guides will reconnect you with spirit helpers and guardian angels through a really simple energy alignment process. You can learn this in one day! Moreover, you will receive effective 'do it yourself' practices to integrate the increased spiritual energy into your daily life effectively. If you are willing to really work on yourself, MS-REM will provide you with the means to achieve the goals you desire. At the higher levels, these are some of the finest integrated ascension energy mastery teachings on the planet.

An English woman had cancer and Lupus (medically diagnosed as incurable). She was healed of both through her work with MS-REM. Medical tests revealed that her body is now free of all traces of cancer, and free of the Lupus virus. Many of Susie's clients have experienced similar 'miraculous' healings of conditions such as inoperable cancerous brain tumours and a wide variety of so-called fatal diseases. With MS-REM we learn the energy science behind this and how to live and perform such miracles upon ourselves and others.

Susie emphasizes that she (and others who do this work) do not heal, but rather assist others to become whole. As we embrace higher energies the full spectrum of angelic connection becomes possible and this is where miracles can happen. The people who have had these miraculous healings have had private sessions plus taken her workshops, learned the self-healing techniques, and used them daily to participate in their own "wholing" process. Actually, her work is not about healing, but rather about re-attuning to spirit. A natural result of this is stronger connection to the highest realms of the divine.

If you've had a yearning to find deeper meaning and fulfillment
in your life, but the methods (or religions) you've tried in the past haven't brought you the results you've longed for, then come to these workshops. They do work.

Everyone who has attended them attests to this. If you are Christian, Shamen, Sufi, Hindu, Zen, Taoist or Buddhist, it makes no difference. This is about sharing pure spirituality free of any religious denomination. Whatever your personal beliefs, your involvement with MS-REM will bring greater awareness, joy and personal excellence to every aspect of your life.

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