Glossary of Terms specific to PSA

Source, Source Energy: Life-Force, Life-Energy, Self, true self, the One Ego, God-Goddess-All that is.

Higher Self: The One Self of all humanity, also knows as the Holy Guardian Angel, The Higher Self is a higher level of your being between your incarnated self and Source. The Higher Self projects aspects of itself (souls) into incarnation for the purpose of gathering experience and eventual ascension, but remains itself on higher planes. The Higher Self is neither born nor dies. When you die, all of your experiences are gathered back into the Higher Self. At some step in your personal evolution, you merge in consciousness and experience unity with the Higher Self.

Human Energy: Source energy as it flows through humans. When we are cut off from Source energy, we still need it so we steal the closest thing to it that's available-human energy from other people.

Energy Stealing Patterns: There are four main energy-stealing patterns that everyone who is cut off from source use: The intimidator, the interrogator, the aloof and the poor me.

Inner values: Compassion, altruism, love, desire to help others, forgiveness, gratitude, desire to serve, spiritual attainment toward ever greater connection to source.

Outer values: Humans, cut off from Source energy, define their values in terms of things that are outside of themselves. These include worldly attainment, money, desire to have possessions (big house, expensive cars, clothes, "toys"), status (job, position, political power), excessive concern for what others think of you.

Ego: Your personal sense of who you are. The one you refer to as "I".

Negative Ego: Your sense of self when you are disconnected from Source. When you are living from negative ego, you define yourself and others by outer values and strive selfishly to control others, and to attain possessions and societal status.

Soul: This is not the same as Spirit. The soul is the immortal part of us which evolves to ever higher states of consciousness through soul experience and soul education through many rebirths. The essence of each incarnation is recorded in the soul and carried forward to future embodiments to be balanced, purified or released.

Living from Soul (the opposite of negative ego): Connected to Source energy, you define yourself by inner values and seek to achieve these in ever greater measure.

Reconnection to Soul: Reattaining and increasing your connection to Source energy and then living from inner values.

Universal desires: That which your soul desires-inner values.

Soul objectives: Inner values.

Spirit: The Spirit is not the same as the soul. Spirit is all of the divine consciousness, the Monad - the Higher or Divine Mind. On a personal level, it is the divine spark of God within each of us.

Energy mastery: The goal of living in connection with source energy. An energy master is connected with source, practices behaviours in harmony with source, is aware of inner guidance, can heal, can decree (say it and it is so), and in general has mastery over the circumstances of his/her life.

Unity consciousness: The awareness of the unity of Source (Heavenly Father) with form (Mother Earth). It is the awareness that you are the perfect divine child of these two. Mystics describe this state as becoming aware that you are 'everywhere and all the time'.

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