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Sparked by the recent spate of ‘kid gang killings’,  this is a proposal for a dynamic series of mini-features for tv to illustrate simple and easy solutions for kids to better understand themselves, their world and how to deal with life positively and peacefully. 

It’s about what’s worked for Susie Anthony, and others she’s worked with from all walks of life – from the destitute to monarchs! 

Personal transformation becomes a real adventure where Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones on the ‘road less travelled’ to decipher the Da Vinci Code…   

Change for Kids is Integrity-Intelligence-Intentionality in Action:

  • Offers a fascinating, totally holistic, yet practical and unique ‘way-showing’ formula of  modern day remedies to create true and lasting change, which actually gets to grips with the reasons behind and directly responsible for the recent kid gang killings, shootings and stabbings… living out of harmony with spirit
  • Combines powerful ancient wisdoms with leading edge psychological tools for transformation and western success principles made PRACTICAL for kids of 7 –13 or any age.
  • Shows kids ‘how to’ improve memory to consciously invoke their genius and create accelerated learning and personal excellence.
  • Teaches how to put ‘Humpty Dumpty’ back together again – to truly inspire lasting transformation for kids based on the premise that just because we get lost sometimes, we don’t have to throw a whole life away – mistakes and failure are teachers.
  • Embraces a truly fun and innovative approach, sharing the secrets of how we create our own reality through consistent positive thinking and conquering the shadow within.
  • Really simple techniques - processes related to ancient myths and legends to help inspire kids to remember their passion and follow their bliss… find true abundance.

    TV Channels, Newspapers and Magazines are invited to feature Susie Anthony and her team of dynamic high profile colleagues as they progress through a series of powerful learning experiences with the kids, each kid finding  their own way of putting Humpty Dumpty back together again… learning how to actually live all the incredible tools for transformation being offered. 

    Above all the emphasis will be on showing kids how to transform what they think and feel, changing their lives for the better… changing our world.  

    Read more about past transformations here and in Susie Anthony’s book, A Map to God – Awakening Spiritual Integrity

    The God this book talks about is the God (Goddess) of your own understanding, for instance, God = Man - Ego – something loosely referred to as ‘best self’ .

    Is there truly anything more amazing than having something so totally transform our understanding that we discover and learn how to live a completely new reality?

    "That's magic!’

    Susie Anthony  

    Read more about this project and the team of people behind it.

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