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We've all experienced days when everything seems to go wrong. It's like a pattern develops as we constantly trip up and make mistakes. Conversely most of us have also experienced brilliant days when everything seems to go wonderfully beyond measure. Whilst it's true that many things which affect us exist beyond our immediate control, when it comes to personal interactions, there is invariably a degree of inconsistency.

On the surface it may seem that there is no rhyme or reason to these gaffes — we just weren't on form, but what does being 'on form' actually mean? Why does Dennis Bergkamp play brilliant football one week and have a listless game the next? Susie Anthony, ex crack cocaine addict and international jet setter who also used to work for one of the world's richest men, believes the answer lies within our energy field.

Now an international healer and teacher, Susie's impressive reputation has spread quickly, including, perhaps surprisingly to the corporate and political worlds where she regularly lectures and holds workshops. But why would a banker need to see a healer? Susie remains adamant that most of us have hidden difficulties and unresolved problems in our lives which, if left unresolved, will continue to enact a negative effect on our existence.

"My healing experiences are reflected in current findings, such as the Unity Principle, which maintains that everything in the world is connected and interconnected, she explains. 'Greg Bateson described it very well in his book Mind and Nature - A Necessary Unity, 'the beliefs we hold organise us, usually unconsciously, and are constantly changing. We are, each of us, deeply connected to the whole universe'. What I teach people to do is master their own energy systems, which will then translate into excellence in very area of their lives. And it works."

Coupled with an infectious enthusiasm, Sue articulates her ideas with a clear and logical eloquence, which is what prompted me to try out the spiritual integration weekend she runs.

Admittedly, I was a little dubious at first, thinking this might be another imported American 'holler and believe' group. I was to be extremely pleasantly surprised. The weekend turned out to be a healthy balance of scientific and psychological descriptions and information, powerful meditational exercises and lots of humorous personal interaction between a group of about fifteen people, all of whom seemed well educated and of professional status.

By the end, I had to admit there had been a major shift in y awareness — and what's more, this feeling was not to prove merely transitional. By the constant application of the techniques that Susie teaches I have been able to maintain, in varying degrees, the inspiration she transmits, with a correspondingly positive effect on my life and work. Any scepticism I had previously harboured was banished as I began to understand why her services are in such great demand from characters like the heads of multi-billion corporations, ex Chief's of government agencies, Members of Parliament, Police Commissioners, Neurosurgeons and many other men and women of similar ilk.

But how and why do such things work? Is it just all in the mind? "Science now acknowledges that the entire universe may well be constructed from nothing but consciousness, and that material reality is created by consciousness", explained Susie, "Indeed, science now establishes that no object or being on earth is solid - all is vibration. And because energy is responsive to energy, nothing is constantly negative. You can change this with consistent positive thoughts and actions and evolve situations personally in the flow. It's not what other people say and do that hurt or disempowers us, it's our attitude to what they say ad do. Failure in our lives is self-created and we self-sabotage ourselves with habitual negative patterns based on victim consciousness." That makes sense, I considered. It's why Arsenal have a much better home record than an away one - the North Bank creates a positive energy directed at the players.......... one big red and white mind working together.


But the power of Susie's system, and its popularity with high achievers, is not based solely on her ability to galvanise people away from negative thoughts and behavioural patterns towards positive thinking - that's the simplistic explanation. There is a scientific/esoteric angle too. "If we work with energy mastery we can raise our personal electro-magnetic energy vibration so that it is no longer possible to accommodate or hold lower frequency or negative thoughts of feelings, either consciously or unconsciously." (No more jeering Spurs then!)

"Stanislow Grof in his book, the Cosmic Game, maintains that in holotropic-trance states people can move across time and space and access Spirit Helpers. This is confirmed by all those that work with mystical systems, of which common psychology is merely a branch."

This may sound a bit weird, but Susie's matter of fact style dispensed any negativity. If somebody from the 18th century was transported to our world now with its mass of technology they would also think things were a bit weird and Susie emphasises that this is cutting edge consciousness technology. Susie teaches how to use power symbols to activate what she calls the higher spiritual centres - namely the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus glands and ganglionic centres at the base of of the brain. By doing so it is possible to marry the right and left hemispheres of the brain - the intuitive and rational mind. Remember - Einstein said, "The rational mind is a faithful servant and the intuitive mind is a divine gift. We have created a society that worships the servant and has forgotten the gift." Susie's work aims to address this imbalance. And she stresses that the use of such techniques starts to activate the 95% of the brain that scientists tell us lies dormant. In other words we can consciously invoke our genius.

The proof of course is always in the pudding - so one nil down and with one minute to go at White Hart Lane, in a moment of desperation, I placed a power symbol mentally into Patrick Viera's forehead. The next minute he scored. Now THAT's what I call excellence!

SIMON HINTON for GQ and Watch Magazine Copyright 2000

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