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Testimonial from Zoisa Holder about living in Community

Testimonial from Judy Mazsa

Jackie Holder Testimonial for Living in Spiritual Community

Testimonial from Zoisa Holder about living in Community

20 March 2010

Living in community means living with people who by their words, actions, deeds and demonstrating the spiritual values of, caring, loving, sharing, co-operating, respecting, honouring, supporting and nurturing inspire each other and themselves. I have come to realise that this is the truest embodiment of Love in action. I see Dr Susie Anthony demonstrate this on a daily basis, love in all its’ guises. The ‘HOW TO’ is what I have learned from Susie’s teachings and examples. I am proud to be part of this at the Manor House with Susie.

I have also come to realise over the last 6 years that it is very easy to read about these qualities, talk about them in workshops but to actually live by them is a totally different way of living and being. It is one that requires a desire to grow, dedication, commitment, discipline, willingness, perseverance, selflessness, humility, open honesty, caring, intimacy, vulnerability, courage and a sense of humour. I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that before I met Susie I thought that I had all of the above qualities. I knew it all!!! The truth in reality was far from this… I was deluding myself. My mother, who knew that I needed some serious help, introduced me to Susie.

Prior to meeting Susie, I had began my journey to ‘realise my inner potential’ when I was attuned to Reiki I and II. I had then gone on to do further study and learn ‘Energy Field Healing’. It was at this time that my Mother was also studying with Susie. There I was on my course learning to move energy around and what I believed to be powerful energy clearing ‘techniques’ and it was all incredibly exciting. I thought I was way ahead of the game.

I called up my Mother and told her about my discoveries, asking her too about what she was studying. When I found out that she had not learned some of the techniques I was learning I judged Susie and her teaching to be inferior, thinking… well if my Mother does not know about these ‘techniques’ I am learning, then her teacher cannot be very good. The truth that I learned later from Susie was that I had only learned to move energy around and the very grassroots basics of a healing modality. Subsequently, I discovered that Susie’s track record of engineering breakthroughs for people, her case histories of miraculous healings included AIDS, Lupus, Inoperable Cancerous Brain Tumours, Addictions and some really outstanding and remarkable testimonials. The penny dropped. I realised that my Energy Field Healing contacts didn’t have this kind of track record. I decided to find out more about Susie’s work of Life Mastery.

I discovered I knew nothing about the most practical ways of healing the self through identifying energy stealing patterns, learning to transcend and embrace shadow, ego and persona behaviours, all of which my Mother was learning about with Susie. How on earth Susie asked did I expect to transmit healing to others, when this was something that was lacking in myself? I realise now that in truth and with hindsight I judged what I did not know and was running the archetypal pattern of the ‘know it all’, superiority and judgemental behaviour patterns. Susie would call this the conceit of wisdom – just because you have read or learned about something, in my case the basic concepts of energy field healing, does not mean to say that you know it all.

I completed my course and during that time entered into a relationship with an older man who was attracted to me and on the course too. Ah a like-minded man on the path, someone to trust and love me who was spiritual! After some months the relationship ended and I went off to work on board a cruise ship as a Fitness Instructor thinking no more relationships, ha ha ha. Three months into my work, totally oblivious to my strong co-dependent addictive behaviour (in denial). Susie describes DENIAL as – Don’t Even Know I Am lying, I was in another relationship, again with an older man who was Greek. This ended too but the outcome was that I was 11 weeks pregnant, denying it to everyone I worked with as I became sicker. In the end I arrived back in England and was physically, emotionally and mentally dying. My cruise experience had been a great initiator and aptly named “The Silver Shadow”.

What I have learned from working with Susie was that both and in fact all of my male relationships had been co-dependent. Initially they would like me for my independence, looks, what they could get and I would go out with them to feel better about myself and to boost my low self-esteem. Oh look there is a male who wants me, I had better go out with him, no one else may ask. This was also a pattern of behaviour that I had learned from my Mother. In addition, I also became a people pleaser, seeking approval and a doormat.

In my relationship with the Greek man he initially behaved in a superficial yet loving manner, but then with hindsight I can see he was also very controlling, jealous and possessive, watching my every move, questioning (interrogating) me about male clients. In the end my own behaviour changed so that I would be totally submissive, I never stood up to his manipulative behaviour and questioned him or said no to him. I purchased and had made outfits that made me look sexually inviting, things I would not normally have worn, so I own I was also playing the manipulation game I enjoyed the prestige gained from being in a relationship with someone in authority onboard the ship. I had privileges such as fresh fruit, quality food, being in his cabin with a sea view, clothes washed and ironed for me. A real princess, a girl’s dream come true - a man with money, connections and a home in a hot climate, everything we are programmed from an early age to believe will fix us and give us that happy ever after story. The question is at what cost? The answer – this sick co-dependent coupling almost took my life and caused me to lose my health and well-being.

The behaviour patterns of low self esteem, selfishness, false superiority, letting myself be abused, princess/spoilt brat, victim consciousness (poor me) and aloof were all being played out in previous relationships. None of them worked. I was never happy or fulfilled and neither were my partners or should I say the men that I got my energy fix from. The men I had been seeing were playing out the interrogator, intimidator, victim and aloof patterns of controlling. I now know that these are patterns that are learned from family, friends, colleagues, society, television, films, books… the influence permeates our lives in many ways like a disease, a deadly virus. It is very much like Neo discovers in the film the Matrix. Susie also shares her insights, knowledge and guides us by recommending films that example and highlight both the teachings she has brought through and the programming that is in our world. The films are insightful and inspirational and examples of these are – The Peaceful Warrior, 9/11 Confronting the Evidence, Sea Biscuit, 2012, 2013, Pay Cheque, Pay It Forward, to name a few. Susie uses films as a tool to inform us, and people who stay on Retreat, to gain a greater awareness and to teach us too. At the time I knew none of this and so did not have the knowledge or tools to be able to change or transform my life. So it was then that I met Susie, a week or so away from death. I am very grateful to Susie for saving my life and for my Mother for dragging me to see her.

When I met Susie and received a healing from her I can sincerely say that afterwards I felt more like my core self, whatever that is, than I have ever felt before, and I could not say that I even know what that is entirely today. I just know I felt complete, connected, whole and at ease. I wanted more! Even now I am still discovering who I am thanks to Susie and it’s like peeling off the skins of an onion, there’s always more. Since that first meeting I was encouraged to attend workshops with Susie and her team, go on retreats and then to move to Somerset to live with Susie by my mother. I went along with it only knowing that I did not wish to go back to feeing how I had felt before. The truth is that although I was what Susie calls a ‘drag-along’ it was probably the best thing my Mother could ever have done for me. Unfortunately, it didn’t all go well at first but persistence (something else I learned from Susie) has it’s rewards.

The negative impact all my controlling patterning and energy draining behaviours had on the group was profound. To begin with I just did not understand or appreciate what the PSA teachings were really about. My behaviour was utterly draining. I even said to the group when I moved down “I am not here to fly the PSA flag like you guys, I am just here to get as much for myself as I can and then I am off to Greece to teach Pilates”. No spiritual qualities demonstrated there at all and I wondered why people didn’t warm to me.

When I finally did get to grips with the work, I saw that I was unconsciously incompetent – ‘not knowing that I didn’t know’. Susie writes about this in her book A Map to God. Another example of my unconscious energy stealing behaviour was complaining and moaning about being cold and then when Susie invited a handsome young Dutchman over who wished help and guidance from her, I dressed very scantily to get his energy (lust) and no complaint of the cold even though the temperature was still the same!!! All of this patterning I was totally oblivious to.
Initially, to be honest, I wasn’t aware of any of the behaviour patterns that I have spoken about. The reason for this was because I had shut down my feelings and closed my heart. I also hadn’t studied anything much about self-realisation or enlightenment, so I just didn’t know anything about tools for psychological clearing. I was just moving energy around for people ‘thinking’ this was healing and that I had nothing else to learn. For sure this may have alleviated the symptoms of disease but to get to the root cause of disease, I learned , you have to dig deeper and then even deeper and deeper still.

Through Susie’s psychological shares; psychological retreats; PSA Workshops; book ‘A Map to God’; Seven Alchemical levels, Platinum Wesak and Reiki meditation CDs and her moment to moment embodiment of the teachings, I have begun the journey to unlock, release and transform the pain that caused me to shut down. I have a permanent shovel in my hand for all the digging!

A major trauma I experienced was sexual abuse by someone in the family and a group of his friends at 4 years of age, which led to me shutting down and being out of my body for most of my life. The blessing of that abuse is that the pain of it all, the fear and negative expectations about intimacy caused me to create a life that was hell on earth. I felt a victim, abandoned, betrayed, abused, unprotected, worthless, never truly believing in myself. Add to that family, societal, cultural and planetary behaviours and you get a melting pot of opportunities to turn the lead of personality in to spiritual gold to quote Susie. Living in community is giving me A CHANCE TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES, yet also being aware NOT to ignore the compost (ego shadow persona) and do the work to transform.

By living in community I have the advantage of being with people who wish to embody the spiritual values of caring, loving, sharing, co-operating, respecting, honouring, supporting, nurturing and inspiring each other. It’s an incredible blessing and a chance to create the life I truly deserve, heaven on earth. In order to create a new way of life Joseph Campbell said that all you need is a map and a teacher. I am very honoured and grateful that I have found that in Susie and the 7 Alchemical Levels Map. Moreover, Susie teaches by example and that’s the best way to really get something.

The only way that I have learned to begin to feel, understand and truly know these values of spiritual integrity is by my experiences of living in community. This means being willing to do the work to expose my ego, shadow and persona behaviour, or have this exposed gently or firmly by others in group if I am in denial, so that I can then transform and be a better person, live a better life. For that to happen I feel that it is necessary to be with people who have and are constantly and consistently transcending and transforming their own ego, shadow and persona behaviours. When ego, shadow and persona are exposed it is painful and I have wanted to escape and at times have used distractions like work, hobbies, food, television, DVDs, busyness, tiredness, socialising to avoid looking at the truth. This only causes me and the other people that I live with pain and suffering (hell). A good example of this is my pattern of stressing because ‘I have not enough time for…(fill in the blank). Noticing that I am thinking this thought, feeling myself get stressed and angry and then taking action to amend my behaviour. This is owning to the group my behaviour (that I got stressed). This negative fear based energy state is detrimental to everyone as it destroys the conditioned space that I and everyone here works to maintain. The next step is to correct my behaviour and make amends. Correcting my behaviour involves re-connecting to source, invoking my guides, circle of excellence, calling on support and help from my guides, animal totems, invoking the essential oils and crystals. The list can go on, what is important is that I take action immediately change my state. This is important because otherwise it just drains the grids – everyone in the house, animals, plants, the house itself.

Initially, in unconscious incompetence, this takes great humility and a willingness to surrender and follow guidance, tried and tested disciplines. This then progresses to conscious competence where disciplines such as being mindful in every moment, keeping a clear and tidy space, slowing down, spot it you got it (noticing behaviour patterns in others) and being of selfless service – asking what can I give rather than what can I get, always supports the transformation. To go through this process of conquering the negative ego and see others move through this too is both inspiring and encouraging. It is a fantastic adventure a true “Hero’s Journey” as Joseph Campbell would say.
I have learned about conquering negative ego from Susie in the twice weekly psychological sharing as well as day to day experiences. Conquering the negative ego is about:

Co-creating balance in the mind body spirit complex, learning to integrate the three minds, conscious, unconscious and superconscious; Learning to nurture and guide the inner child; Identifying and avoiding control dramas – those of your own and other people’s; Developing self-love and self-esteem; Holding onto your power at all times; Practising simple disciplines daily to remain empowered from Source; Keeping the seven planetary chakras cleansed, balanced and in perfect alignment; Learning to conquer negative programming by reprogramming the unconscious mind with creative visualisation, affirmations and sound conscious languaging techniques; Establishing the difference between love and lust; Mastering the lower desire body; Anchoring and activating powerful psychic protection methods; Proper care of the physical body through rest, work, play, nutrition and exercise; Right relationships with all beings and things, and by Cultivating fellowship or strong relationships with like-minded people.

My Hero’s journey has been, thanks to Susie, one that creates joy, laughter, peace, courage, self-confidence, self-acceptance and a real love of self and our environment, a magical life to be celebrated and shared. Some of the teachings, which have particularly inspired me have been Susie’s consistent example of never giving up, persistence, attention to detail and single pointed focus. This has encouraged me to follow the example and transform my behaviour pattern of always giving up on ideas, work, projects, myself, relationships to completion. A great example of this is my thriving business, the loyalty of clients, goodwill, self-confidence, abundance and the joy of reaping the harvest from my discipline, determination, dedication, consistency, gratitude and humility.

I have also LEARNED about all kinds of spiritual traditions, Gnositism, Qaballah, Sufism, Native American Indian, Buddhist, Christ Consciousness, Essene, Druid, Pagan and Shamanic rites of passage. Susie has shared with us the myriads of ways of learning the same path of enlightenment to practicing harmlessness, selflessness, compassion and unconditional love.

To quote Dr Susie Anthony… ‘Having looked at all of the traditional world religions, it became obvious to me that they all have one core - universal message: unconditional love and service… in other words, love and help each other. Acceptance of self and others, forgiveness, mercy, and meaningful work are prerequisites to happiness. I was reminded that there can be no richness without happiness.

As Gandhi said; "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." This is what Susie calls ‘walking the talk’ and I practice this even when nobody is looking… except of course when I forget and that’s getting less and less thanks to the mindfulness exercises.

There is a world of difference between saying something, thinking it and believing it compared to being it. We all need to learn to be the change we wish to see in this world. It’s time to practice the concept of treating one’s neighbour as one would like to be treated.
Before I hadn’t read anything about spirituality and I didn’t recognize the same universal message through all the different lenses of perception.

I have also learned about climate crisis and the importance Einstein placed on solving problems at a higher level of consciousness than that which created the challenge and Susie showed me how to access this higher level of consciousness through a series of shamanic initiations.

Reconnecting to “spirit” in everything we do from employment, to health care and medicine, to the food we eat, the water we drink, to the buildings we live in, to the family, is of vital importance. It is being the change we wish to see in this world and it is co-creating that change now. To re-connect in everything that I do then demonstrates and examples this to everyone that I encounter and shines a light to let them know that there is another way, if they choose. It would be co-dependent and I would be rescuing if I try to fix everyone I meet. A good guideline comes in the form of Susie’s favourite quote to prevent co-dependency in healing and helping and comes from the Essenes… Give comfort and healing to the Sleeping. Awaken the Drowsy. Initiate the Awakened…

You can be in your heart connect rather than just in your head. This also mirrors what Susie taught me about the Hopi Prophecy. We have two paths we can choose – comfort, profit and greed, which is the path of ego (being in your head) or love, strength and balance, which is the path of the soul (being connected to your heart and spirit). It is that simple!

I have learned that reconnection to spirit comes in classic breakdown to breakthrough ways… mysterious and sometimes mythical ways—through ‘neurosis, disease, and violence.’ Well I was certainly on track with the breakdown stuff when I arrived and I have to say that today it’s wonderful to look back and see all the breakthroughs Susie’s work has engineered for me personally and others. PSA Life Mastery, (Susie Anthony’s work) is truly a treasure map of ancient wisdom teachings combined with modern psychological tools, to guide you through the challenging quest of awakening consciousness.

INITIATION is an important element of Susie’s work and waking up, raising your consciousness. I learned from Susie that most spiritual traditions use ritual initiation to stimulate the awakening of their students. In fact, Susie teaches and I have come to believe and been guided that initiation is the chosen method to elevate consciousness upon this planet. Susie defines initiation in her book A Map to God as follows:

‘In effective initiation, the initiator connects with and embodies high spiritual energies and then channels them into the aspirant, the student who aspires to divine wisdom. If prepared to receive these energies, the aspirant will experience, at least for a short time, a state of enlightenment and personal evolution beyond what he or she has yet attained. This experience serves as a guiding light to inspire the aspiring student to carry on with his spiritual work.’ So living with Susie is a bit like living in a greenhouse with all the lights on 24/7.

This radiant light, more importantly, the shamanic attunement experiences initiate. Susie brings the spiritual forces to bear upon the consciousness of the aspirant – me and other members of the team here. These energies speed and accelerate the spiritual, mental and emotional unfolding of the aspirant much like a hothouse speeds the growth of plants. It really is like being under a ‘grow light’.

To quote Susie (A Map to God) again… ‘Many are called and few are chosen is a phrase from the Bible that kept coming to mind when I considered initiation. I didn’t know what that meant previously. Now I agree with Susie that we are all called to reconnect to spirit when we experience some kind of awakening (initiation), but not all of us choose to respond to it. In fact only a courageous few take action to change and actually become transformed.

My favourite quote from A Map to God, Susie’s book is ’Each and every one of us has at least one life changing event be it the death of a loved one, divorce, redundancy or something that causes the personality to meet the spirit and at this time we are given the opportunity to choose which voice we are going to listen to in order to live the second part of our life in a much bolder more powerful way, embracing greatness.

When you choose spirit you will find an unfoldment of a life much greater than you could have anticipated, which you definitely in the ordinary scheme of things, didn’t see coming or dream could ever be possible. Loss, pain and suffering, is therefore, ultimately a gift. It puts us back in touch with others and their pain and loss and suffering. That’s where our greatness is.

This is the path of personal spiritual alchemy. This is also INITIATION.’

Spiritually, I learned that initiation means transformation – lead into gold is a good metaphor – through purification. You need to learn to purify your lower physical body, balance work, rest and play.

Initiations are tests of self-mastery on the alchemical path, which lead us out of bondage and into liberation. Throughout our history, steps and tests of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual progress have been called initiations. These tests are also choice points to re-affirm your commitment to your spiritual path and journey and to check that you truly understand. It is much more than acquiring spiritual knowledge. In its fullest sense, it’s about understanding, exampling and living these new spiritual principles. This means hard work in a more down to earth manner to change rigid core false beliefs and our lower self ego control patterns. However, there are powerful tools to bring about this purification. Living and learning them at The Manor House and Susie Anthony’s book ‘A Map to God’ is the HOW TO.

Once you learn how to strengthen the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, change can be accomplished more easily. Initiations must be passed, mastered and integrated in all our lower bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.)

Many people prefer to ignore the more down to earth work of psychological healing including the embracing of the shadow. This is because it appears to be mundane compared to the more glamorous mystical practices. However, the one who is prepared to tackle the shadow is the worthy aspirant. Remember this – it’s very important!’

At Level 3 PSA Susie began to teach me to explore the gifts of the Shaman, the gifts of the Earth Mother: the mineral, plant, tree and animal kingdoms. It’s time to choose to receive strong energetic attunement to these ‘helper spirits of the Earth’.

Shamanism is defined as the ability to commune with all spirits dwelling on all levels of Creation. Many of us, as young children, have some ability to communicate with the spirits. Most of us lose this ability as we grow - or we have it trained out of us! At any age, having such abilities can be a detriment. To make good use of them, we must learn to discern which voices are creative and helpful, and which voices lead us on a path of self-destruction. Any person having this ability can be severely misunderstood… On the modern path of shamanism, we are taught how to eliminate negative influences and protect ourselves. Discernment is an important key I have learned here.

To quote Susie again, ‘Once a person has experienced and triumphed on this hard fought road to wholeness and wellness, it becomes easy to assist others in doing the same. When you have recognised and healed the darkness within your self, it becomes simple to see this darkness in others and diagnose it accurately.’ Having lived with Susie for more than 6 years now I can honestly say she walks her talk and that’s inspiring beyond belief. It’s why I am still here and continue to grow and evolve as if by magic. I invite you to witness, share, experience, learn and put into action this magic for yourself now.

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Testimonial from Judy Mazsa

17 March 2010

I have lived with Dr Susie Anthony for 3 years as a member of The Manor House Community. Within this community, I enjoy the opportunity to create a magical, giving, abundant, loving version of myself who chooses to be in service to the greater good. I have been taught to achieve this by Susie through emulating her example of the constant application of the PSA Life Mastery teachings. Safe and sound here, I have the opportunity to lay bare the ‘warts and all’ parts of my ego-shadow-persona behaviour in a totally supportive environment. I am learning just how much effort, awareness and diligence is necessary in order to convert these negative archetypal patterns of behaviour into powerful and positive behaviour. This in turn creates a positive uplifting inspiring example for others wishing to do the same and even better still, affirms and seeds in the ethers, a transforming consciousness for the planet. This is a very special opportunity that I have been given or choose for myself, AND it’s something that is available to all should they wish to make this journey. Here at The Manor House, we learn how it is possible to turn ‘the lead of personality into spiritual gold’ (Susie Anthony).

All my life I asked the question ‘why’? Why do people treat each other the way they do – competing, judging, attacking and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t feel much love in the world? How could I make my life powerful and transform dysfunctional attitudes so that my life could become manageable? How could I become disciplined, self reliant and self motivated? How could I change myself? How could I find the courage to follow my dreams? What are my dreams? How could I conquer all my fears and self sabotaging thoughts and feelings? How could I change so I finally would feel love for others AND myself? I really wished to nurture myself yet I realised I was afraid to stop all the busy-ness and practice no distraction. Susie helped me to realise I was afraid to feel all the emotions I had so long suppressed and I had become complacent and too lazy to put in the effort required to really transform. She showed me that if I was prepared to face my fears generated from ego shadow persona self, I could transcend the illusion of not being good enough, AND I could LIVE my dreams. I had heard lots of people talking about this – Deepak Chopra, the Barefoot Doctor, but Susie was the only one who told me how. Moreover, I wonder if she’s the only one on earth who’d invite you into her home in order to help you live this higher consciousness. Actually I learned it’s all pretty simple, but it isn’t easy! How do you change the patterns of behaviour of a life time, which my family have repeated all through their ancestral lineage and now passed onto me? What are these patterns? How do I find out who I really am and why I’m here? Susie has all the answers and she teaches others by asking them questions rather than telling them what they must do – so what she’s done for me and countless others is teach them to think for themselves. How valuable is that? I cannot put into words how much I value her teaching.

Living in community with Susie, watching her apply the tools of her PSA Life Mastery teachings relentlessly, giving every moment of every day in service to essentially saving ‘mankind’ from their lower ego shadow persona behaviours, distractions and addictions, whilst simultaneously working on her own shadow, has truly opened me up and given me the answers to these questions time and time again. I have discovered through observing Susie walk her talk, applying all the tools she teaches in every moment, living the concept of ‘Sacred Activism’*, and through Susie’s guidance, just how little I really know about how to be happy, fulfilled and empowered. This has been the most humbling experience of my life and when finally I was in enough humility, I was able to embrace the teachings for myself open-heartedly. When I arrived I thought I was awakening. Now I realise I was still very drowsy, half asleep and after three years of living in community, I am only just beginning to wake up to this higher way of being rather than doing having consuming. It’s terrific and I feel liberated from all the oppressive ‘shoulds, oughts, mustn’ts’ that kept me a prisoner in fear and in ego.

(* Andrew Harvey, Oxford scholar and visionary, believes that our survival depends on Sacred Activism, a fusion of profound mystical awareness, passion, clarity and sacred practice with wise, dedicated, radical action. This fusion, he warns, may be the sole key to preservation of man and nature – and this is how we are learning to live at The Manor House. I have been truly blessed I feel to find these teachings and to find a teacher who is authentic and in integrity. When she makes mistakes, she shares the learning with us and shows us how she’s also growing and learning, that we are all student’s and teachers and she learns from us so much of the time. It’s a very vibrant and enlivening experience.)

When I first joined the team and moved into the community, I had my first lesson. I gave my power away to two students who I thought had ‘made it’ and I fell into my deepest addiction, co-dependency, with one in particular. Through my loss of connection to source at a young age, I experienced a deep feeling of emptiness all my life, and I needed to fill the void by getting energy from other people. Susie showed me that in actual fact this is what all humans do when they have lost their connection to Source energy, life force energy, God, Goddess, call it what you will.

I now know for sure that I had disconnected from Source energy, because Susie has taught me how to reconnect to my higher self and limitless energy and I can really feel the difference. I can heal myself and others and using life force energy I can change my state from a negative one to a positive state almost instantly using Susie’s tools for transformation.

The main pattern of behaviour I developed to fill this energy void as I grew up was entering deeply co-dependent relationships. At first others gave their energy freely, but as the person would take their energy away to manipulate me for some reason, I would then attempt to control the other person’s behaviour, so I would continue to have their pre-digested energy on tap. Most of these co-dependent relationships were very intense and sometimes overly physical. My attempts to control the person and get my fix of their energy were through patterns of bullying, aggression, rescuing, fixing, aloof behaviour, flattery, blaming and projecting, selfishness, control dramas, chaotic behaviour, interrogation with lots of questions, being a doormat, people pleasing, attempting to make the other person feel guilty, being a victim, talking mindlessly, negative thought patterns, prickliness, seeking approval by agreeing to something I didn’t wish to do, ‘street angel, house devil’ – only showing my sickly sweet persona to the public but then showing my true dark shadow patterns at home and projecting them on my family, self-sabotage, self-harm…the list goes on.

These patterns occurred on a conscious and subconscious level. When I didn’t get my energy fix willingly, I ran a pattern of psychic attack to get the energy covertly, again consciously and subconsciously. To psychically attack a person is unfortunately a very common occurrence. All it takes is to think or say something negative, judgmental, aggressive, blaming or attacking about them. By doing this, I send energy ‘knives’ into the person’s field to open it up, then hook into the person’s energy field and literally drain their energy to feed my own. As I have heard Susie quote ‘Words and thoughts don’t have legs, but they travel’. I am not unique in doing this, most of the people on this planet do this to varying degrees. We are programmed by our families, teachers, the media, big business, advertisements etc to fear, and when we are in fear, we lose our connection to Source energy, so we search for other forms of energy. We are also programmed to blame others for our problems instead of taking self responsibility for the mess we have created of our lives, and when we blame others, we psychically attack them. However, what is really incredible is that when you start to dig into your shadow pattern, you start to discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Not only did I do this consciously, but when I began to train my ego, I realised I also ‘hook in’ subconsciously. My ego has told me many lies to convince me I am innocent of all these behaviours so it can remain in the driving seat. It took me 3 years of living in spiritual community where we practice sharing our truth regularly to REALLY admit, accept and own that I run all of these patterns. I just needed to surrender to the truth! I was in DENIAL (don’t even notice I am lying) for a long time, despite Susie always and sometimes my fearful housemates lovingly pointing out my shadow behaviours. This is the depth of deception the ego can go to, to keep us in the dark and feed off our fear, if we allow it!

I have only just begun to get in touch with how deep this behaviour runs, and how harmful it has been. As a testimony to how much Susie and the rest of the team love my soul, and are willing to forgive my selfish behaviours and lack of discipline, my psychic attack, and to see my potential, I am still here today. Thank goodness, they are still here too and so the magic of what we are creating, true intimacy (into me see) can continue.

Through Susie’s teachings, I have been given tools DAILY to help clear these ego shadow persona patterns of behaviour and to re-align to Spirit. Through such alignment or attunement, then and only then can my best self shine through, lead the way and I can really feel love, strength and balance. Susie is always reminding us that we have two choices each day. We can affirm the path of the ego, comfort profit and greed or the path of the soul, which is love strength and balance.

Some of the tools for transformation I have learned and now work with daily include:

  • Daily Reiki self-healing discipline to perpetuate connection to Source
  • Learning to surrender and share my truth – the good, the bad and the uglier parts of my behaviour. We do this with great love and authenticity through ‘psychological recapitulation’ on a daily basis, and then we work on applying this truth moment to moment in our lives. This is led by Susie with support and powerful guidance in a safe environment, where I am reminded I am loved AND that I am not my behaviour. In addition, I now do this myself throughout the day to create moment to moment awareness.
  • Working with Young Living Essential Oils on emotional release points and to raise the vibration of the four lower vehicles – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • Actively focusing my attention on everything I have to be grateful for which opens the heart. Gratitude is the closest thing to love…
  • True giving always helps to move you out of your control drama and self centredness and assists to get any stagnant energies and emotions flowing again.
  • Learning to walk in the other person’s shoes – to become truly compassionate and empathetic, to stop and really place yourself in the other person’s shoes to understand the impact of your behaviour on them – light and dark.
  • Making everything I do a living meditation in mindfulness. For example, it is an indication of how mindful we are being by the number of finger prints on the fridge door! The Buddhists call this ‘polishing your mirror’.
  • Learning to conquer negative programming by reprogramming the unconscious mind with creative visualisation, affirmations and sound conscious languaging techniques.
  • ‘Spot it, you’ve got it!’ A Jungian tool for greater self awareness. If you spot a behaviour in someone else, it’s ALWAYS what you most deny, judge or fear in yourself.
  • ‘Judge it, become it’ – any behaviour you cannot forgive in others becomes a part of your behaviour so that then finally you can transcend it in yourself, let go and forgive;
  • Positive visualisations first thing in the morning to create my intention for the day of the life and person I am creating within myself.
  • Taking time to put myself in each member of the team’s shoes first thing in the morning, so that I can ask myself how I can help them.
  • 'Where you focus your attention, energy is magnified’ – Susie must have said this thousands and thousands of times. I have learned that if you focus on the negative, you will create more of this for yourself and within yourself. Conversely, if you focus on the positive, you create more abundance, happiness, joy, love etc in your life.
  • Abundance consciousness – trusting that whatever you give willingly will come back to you ten fold.
  • Working with animal medicines and totems and invoking their energies to help develop a particular quality within yourself.
  • The law of attraction – where you spend your time, with whom and what you think about will attract more of that into your life, so I have learned to stick with winners.
  • Esoteric energy mastery and shamanic processes for clearing out lower harmful negative thought-forms and energetic vibrations.
  • Energy mastery cord cutting exercises and the use of a positive karma clearing, the Affirmation to Clear Unwanted thought forms and the Art of Blessing… sending friends and enemies alike 9 waves of blessings with abundance, respect, joy, gratitude, apology, forgiveness of self (to stop the pattern), and love.
  • Energy protection shields and grids of higher consciousness
  • Salt bath cleanses
  • Shower at the end of the each day to clear your energy field of any cordings, either in or out of your energy field.
  • Rinse with cold water at the end of your bath or shower to close your energy field and alkalise the body.
  • Working with crystals to enhance healings and re-align with spirit and your best self
  • Burning dried white sage and frankincense resin to clear lower energies from the house
  • Realising that every time you have a negative thought or say something negative, you are draining energy from people, a space, animals and that this has karmic payback.
  • The esoteric use of spiritual energies of fire to transmute the dark into light
  • Sending distance healing to my past and to those I have hurt with their permission, which frees up my present of all the baggage and oppression.
  • Proper care of the physical body through rest, work, play, nutrition, and exercise.

I can’t remember a day when Susie has not helped me or the other students in some way. It may take the form of a question to help me to see a pattern I have not brought into the conscious mind yet, it may be a suggestion such as ‘have a shower or a salt bath after you see clients to help clear your energy field’, it may be that as Jackie is cooking dinner, Susie suggests she adds more vegetables because Susie knows how much I love them. It is this level of thoughtfulness, care, love, attention and balance, which I aspire to achieve and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to see Susie ‘in action’ every day.

Recently coming to a place of truth about my denials around my bullying, blaming, projecting and psychic attack behaviour has made me realise how courageous a teacher Susie really is, as she has been confronting this behaviour in me for a long time, plus she feels these ego patterns much more deeply than ordinary people do or I do and because Susie has the courage to confront my shadow behaviour, most of my projections are upon her. This is a testimony to her strength, commitment and courage to bring this work through. Although I have given up on myself many many times, Susie never has and I am so grateful that she has believed in me despite my psychic attack, blaming and projecting upon her because I now believe in my ability to transform myself and apply these tools to manifest heaven on Earth within myself, my community, my family and the world.

Susie has been the target of really negative projections and psychic attack by a group of students who were too lazy to do the work and left in a most dishonourable way, taking whatever they could take for themselves. She took self responsibility for their negative behaviour realising she had lost her way and had been casting pearls before swine. Through diligent effort she has found it in herself to forgive each one completely and demonstrated the truth of this to us all. I have learnt through her teachings that if I cannot forgive myself for these behaviours, I will keep running the pattern until I do, so it is crucial to work on forgiveness daily, both towards ourselves and each other. We have recently learnt a forgiveness prayer from the Ho?oponopono, which is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, from the daily Celestial Timings (CT). The CT is a shamanic forecast of cosmic energies and their influences on the planetary and human collective psyche. This forgiveness prayer is:

I love you Judy Mazsa. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you

Repeating this several times a day has helped me to begin to forgive myself and ask for the forgiveness of others (by stating their name in the prayer).

Susie has guided us to read the CTs each morning, so that we can become aware of the bigger picture. As I have learned to tune into this daily explanation of the planetary influences on our world and ourselves, and what these influences are bringing up from our subconscious to clear, I am also given the opportunity to clear these shadow aspects in myself and this transformation, I believe, is my little bit to create Heaven on Earth. Susie says we cannot rely on governments, religions or corporations to change our world, we have to do this in ourselves one by one. This was the topic of a 30 minutes private conversation she had with The Hon Mr Al Gore, one of her heroes and something they both agree on, the importance of self responsibility.

You know the amazing thing… The daily guidance is supporting what Susie has been teaching about various prophecies, so that we understand the bigger picture of what is happening on our planet. The truly amazing thing is that Susie just knows what the alignments are and is already practicing the cure, before she’s read the Timings! It’s heady stuff this and we can all become this tuned in. Dr Irving Dardik (SuperWave Resonance Theory – hailed the new Einstein at Harvard, founding Chairman of the Olympic Sports Medicine Council) a close friend of Susie’s has watched her battle all kinds of health challenges since 2007. He feels this is because she is so in tune with the planet, she’s feeling the birth pangs of a new higher level of consciousness for the new collective consciousness forming. Happily, through incredible determination and persistence the like of which I have never seen, Susie has transcended these temporary challenges and to quote her ‘ out of chaos comes order and the phoenix is rising from the ashes.’ It’s all true and I am privileged to witness all this first hand. It’s such an incredible teaching and something you’d NEVER get in a book or at a workshop.

Susie teaches that everything in life is about initiation and everyone is dying to some aspect of their personality self every day. Susie first came across this concept of spiritual growth in 1992, after her first near death experience, when she was blessed enough to be guided to meet Dr Credo Mutwa, spiritual leader of the Zulu Tribe in South Africa. Credo is a Sanussi, a kind of ‘King of the Shamans’. He gave Susie a new, shamanic name – Bonisiwe – which means ‘The One Who has been Shown’. Through teaching what Susie has been shown, and creating a beautiful and safe environment in which to do this, I have been learning powerful tools to transform at an accelerated rate, which if we apply with discipline, 100% commitment and love, can take us out of the ‘iron age’ of profit, greed and selfishness into the ‘golden age’ of love, respect, sharing, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and living in true community. Oh how I wish someone like Sir Richard Branson would come and visit and see the magic in all this.

Susie has taught us that a fundamental part of the accelerated growth and enlightenment opportunity here is a direct result of the focus applied to moving negative ego shadow persona patterns out of the unconscious (DENIAL – don’t even notice I am lying) into conscious awareness. To quote her lifelong friend Peter Gabriel – she says we have to do a lot of digging in the dirt to find out where we got hurt and then dig even deeper. Without the tools I am learning here in community, I know I would not be aware of the true work involved to self realise, I certainly wouldn’t know how to cope with what is coming up for me at this time, let alone know how to transform my shadow aspects into powerful positive behaviours to facilitate growth and change and for this I am eternally grateful.

As an example of how Susie lovingly assisted me to identify my blaming and projecting behaviour, recently we have been taking a vision quest shamanic tarot card each morning to help us focus our attention on the ‘theme’ of the day. One day Susie walked into the kitchen just as I was taking my card and it was a type of card an unenlightened person could call ‘negative’ It was entitled ‘stagnation’ which is about sitting on your emotions and therefore there is an energy loss experienced because all your energy is engaged in the act of suppression. WITHOUT THINKING, on auto pilot, I said to Susie ‘I always get a bad card when you’re around’! Susie used this as an opportunity to help me see where I blame and project, and even pretended that it is a joke! It helped me to see just how deeply this pattern runs and I realise that I need to be mindful 100% of the time of how I energy steal. She then tested to see if I had corded into her energy field by doing so, which I had. The reason I had corded into her energy was because I felt crushed by the so-called negativity of the card, my ego refusing all criticism even when constructive yet negative feedback perpetuates growth. Susie called me on this and in the moment I corrected my misperceptions in ego. I used a technique we have all been taught to cut these cords and send them back. This is how we can identify when we have run an energy stealing pattern and correct the damage done, restoring harmony within and to the person we have attacked. The types of tools and open sharing we practice to ‘out’ the patterns so they can be transformed are truly magical, some are physical, some are mental, others are more occult (hidden and sacred) and they all work POWERFULLY. Our egos are very clever at disguising our patterns and this was a great example of this, which I would have missed if Susie hadn’t lovingly pointed it out. How I wish to be soooo conscious that none of this passes me by.

Recently, through my own lack of spiritual discipline, I opened myself up to a possessing entity. Again, as a testimony to the amount of love and support provided by the community, and the courage and commitment to this path which Susie demonstrates at all times, all three members of the team spent several days preparing to lovingly confront me, and loved me enough to find a way for me to really hear what they fed back about my behaviour. This was at a time when Susie was still very fragile, vulnerable and challenged from the transformation she has been going through for the last 3 years, which manifested along the lines of what the medical establishment called a very serious illness. If the team didn’t care about me, they would have just kicked me out instead of confronting me. Confront me they did with an incredible blend of tough love and loving kindness and mercy.

Susie, witnessed by the team, firmly but lovingly pointed out my ‘insane’ behaviours and my control dramas, which were all a sign that I was under the influence of an entity. We are living with a teacher who carries a huge amount of light and is an extremely powerful, enlightened being, and the forces of darkness and imbalance do exist - I have learned first hand. They will look for the weakest link to attempt to sabotage profound light work and the amazing sacred teachings she is living and bringing through for others to learn. I was that link, and I became that link through my laziness, complacency, selfishness, arrogance and unwillingness to address my shadow behaviours. The synchronicity in all of this was that I had only just asked the universe to help me understand how to help others to clear entities, and I received my answer loud and clear! Now I know how.

Susie made suggestions about how I can clear this entity. I also know she, as always, would have been working behind the scenes to help me to do this. I came to understand very soon that this energy in my field was a person who was attacking Susie and contributing to her challenged health – three people in fact were involved in this – the pearls before swine group that left us in such a disrespectful and dishonourable way. The repercussions and seriousness of my lack of application of spiritual disciplines had allowed an energy into our sacred space, The Manor House, which was attacking the very person who has helped me the most. I felt deeply ashamed and at first frightened, but then came to quickly realise what an awesome opportunity this was for really giving myself a boot up the backside and applying the disciplines thoroughly.

I followed Susie’s guidance to temporarily cut contact with any person associated with the energy group psychically attacking Susie and her work. The day after doing this, my energy levels soared which was a clear indication of how much I had given my power (energy) away by being lazy. She also steered us all into compassion for these people. Of course they couldn’t leave saying they hit an ego block and refused to breakthrough. What other option did they have to save face except to lie and make up stories blaming the woman who had given them all of her heart love, time, energy and money who had become sick and needed help, saying she was a control freak, in denial etc. Basically, I witnessed these people projecting their own shadows in denial onto Susie. It was a most enlightening teaching – again I could not have learned this in a book or at a weekend workshop. I thank God I didn’t listen to their attacks and that I remained loyal to my teacher and this path. I have grown exponentially since the chaff was sorted from the wheat – no judgement – just sheer truth and discrimination.

To help me overcome my loss of the way, one of the main suggestions Susie made was that I practice no distraction and focus only on my own transformation. When I do apply this, it is almost a relief because then all I have left to plough my energy into is my process and my progress is limitless – what a gift that is! This has tested my co-dependency patterns and helped me to realise it is I who desperately wishes to cling onto other people’s energy, despite the fact that I thought it was the other way around. This is a freeing revelation because I now know it is within my ability and control to redirect that connection back to Source!

The team had to experience a lot of damaging projections from me to confront me as they did, but they were willing to do this to assist my soul and my progress. This is true love, compassion and forgiveness in action, and what this community is really about. I don’t think there are any other people on this planet who would have put up with my behaviour for so long, let alone take on the responsibility of confronting me knowing how I would react energetically – violently, aggressively, projecting, blaming and attacking just like the students who fell to fear and left then continued to attack almost to the death... It was through this process that I came to see that I had been really lost for about a year here, but ego was telling me I am getting it. It’s brilliant really that the reins of command from the teacher were lengthened so I could fall back into ego, then pulled in tight so I could learn from my mistakes, these are the teachings of Geburah on the Qabballist Tree of Life and Susie knows these well. I have learned so much.

I learnt through this experience that it’s possible to experience ‘karmic absolution’ if we make amends – give in some way of our time, energy, focus, money - attention to help the person we have injured so again, this puts the ball in our court and we can accelerate our ascension process in this way.

One last point I wish to share is that life always gives you just what you need to wake up to the call of Spirit, and here in community I was given a great gift to break through my denials. To help me, I live with another community member who runs all of my shadow patterns and is my perfect mirror. When I first moved into the community, I avoided this person because I found their behaviour really irritating. Thanks to Susie’s teachings, I have come to realise that when you spot a behaviour in someone else that you don’t like, it’s because you are running this behaviour yourself (spot it, you got it). As I came to understand this person’s behaviour through honest open dialogue, and then started to forgive it, I began to own that I also ran these patterns and started to forgive myself, allowing the pattern to transform into it’s positive form.
Scientists Dr Klaus Heinemann, ex Stanford Research Institute and currently consulting to NASA on nano-fluid technology and zero point energy and Prof Bill Tiller led an initiative for surrogate spiritual surgery for Susie in Brazil with John of God, the world renowned faith healer – of some 47 years track record. So hopefully all this will be documented and these pioneering scientists will put their genius to good use to explain the science of miracles. Susie is now 100% well and recovered, whereas before the prognosis was very poor indeed.

Living in this community with Susie and the team has been the toughest, but most rewarding, amazing, wonderful thing I have ever done in my life. I am finding a depth of spirit within myself, and deep self-love I never thought was possible. Susie’s example and teachings have allowed me to dream, and then to manifest what I once thought was impossible, in fact, implausible, and I am only at the very beginning of my journey. Susie is always reminding us of the inscription in the forecourt at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi: KNOW THYSELF, and this is just beginning to happen for me. I am living my life with depth and meaning, which I have always wished for. I feel that I am returning to my true, best self, the child I once was, with an open, connected, trusting heart, but also with the tools to move beyond this, fulfil my potential and stand in my power. What a gift and blessing I have received from Susie through her teachings and her example. I would encourage anyone who wishes to discover who they truly are, why we are here and how we can become loving and empowered beautiful beings who care enough to take sacred action for ourselves, each other and the planet, to come and find out about the incredible work Susie is teaching and living and how we live as a community beyond any expectations or limitations. Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience. Many blessings to you.

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Jackie Holder Testimonial for Living in Spiritual Community

17 March 2010

Living in spiritual community is not for the faint hearted. But when you have made the choice, as I have, the rewards are beyond anything that you can ever imagine. After 4 years of Living with Susie Anthony in spiritual community I am finally getting in touch with just how much change I can affect, not only for my family, but for our beautiful world, through discipline, mindfulness and dedication to the teachings Susie Anthony shares with us.

To be honest Susie Anthony really does teach people the ‘How To’ of self realisation on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Dismantling the ego takes discipline and mindfulness and I am learning the depths to which my laziness and lack of discipline run. I have experienced all the fears described in Susie Anthony’s book ‘A Map To God’ of Alchemical Level 1, the concepts of bondage and powerlessness. It is the most humbling experience to be lovingly confronted about your behaviour which causes others pain and steal energy. How else can you begin to unravel the lie?

Where else are there people who love and care enough to tell you the truth? Our beautiful world is in a mess and the only way to help her is by taking self-responsibility by honouring the daily processes Susie Anthony teaches. Through such processes I have learned that my busyness is in fact active laziness – over doing the chores so that I avoid working on myself. Telling Susie what her major life choices would be from my fear based map of the world, sparked of course by self interest. Co-dependency, a very dangerous form of addiction, where the high I get is from stealing another person’s energy, in my case my own daughter’s and the entire group. How causing and allowing drawers and cupboards to remain untidy and chaotic reflect just what is going on inside of myself. My actions have been totally ruled by obsessions, compulsions and attachments. A stage Susie Anthony describes as ‘Unconscious Incompetence’ where in ‘victim consciousness’ I take everything personally blaming others and being in a negative emotional state most of the time. Digging deeper is painful but unless I do the wounds will never heal. It, I have learned far more painful not to grow. Watching Susie demonstrate ‘walking her talk’, sharing her own processes and lessons is the inspiration for me to keep on keeping on. Susie had no one around to guide and share such experiences on her journey to self realisation. Susie Anthony is living proof that it is possible to forgive and come from compassion. She lives this on a daily basis with discipline and dedication.

My daily Reiki practise has been a lifeline. It has been the one discipline that I have never wavered from and had always revealed the truth about situations confronting me. The importance of psychological recapitulation and participation in open and honest sharing daily cannot be stressed enough. The fact that my behaviours are mirrored back to me in increasing intensity until finally I get it and then again to make sure that I really do. Susie Anthony is teaching us how to become a successful twenty first century Shaman, a spiritual warrior of the future. I have never learned so much about plant, tree and crystal spirit medicine. Moreover, I can actually feel the energies interacting in my body almost immediately and I sense the release and healing they offer. It’s miraculous and I continue to get younger, feel younger and healthier than when I was 40, 26 years ago!

This alchemical path incorporates all the diverse teaching that Susie Anthony has brought together – Sufi, Native American Indian, Buddhist, Psychological, Essene, Gnostic, Pagan, Druid, Shinto, Zen and how they all fit into one very very powerful Map of Awakening.
In terms of the work not being for the feint hearted, a really good example centres around four students who Susie invested all of her time, money, energy, love and wisdom in teaching.

Five years ago this took the form of working together at a pioneering Day Spa in Wells. All four students signed contracts, promised and gave their word to stay for the duration of the lease to assist Susie during this six year period. It also gave them permission to leave jobs they hated which they continually moaned and complained about.

Three of the students had no training or qualifications and therefore their options were extremely limited. One of them was particularly not very bright and had been fired from several jobs in the area. Susie gave 200% and they took 500% and when the challenge of this transformation came to light which Susie was busy writing her award-winning book, one by one they jumped ship with no care or concern about noble promises and legal contracts.

They caused extreme pain, suffering and loss. Not content with this they psychically attacked Susie almost causing her death on three occasions. It was so interesting to witness their shadow behaviour being projected onto Susie, for example, one of them gossiped saying that Susie was a real control freak and was incompetent and couldn’t run the show. The amazing thing is that these were in fact their shadow qualities denied. It was a real privilege to be able to see people who could not go the distance, break down, fail to break through, name, shame and blame, project onto Susie with all of this behaviour. It was a real test of trust and faith letting go, forgiving and finding compassion on Susie’s part and the rest of the students who have stayed the distance.

I know how strong the temptation is to run when ego is being transformed and all the pain of denied wounds come up for clearing. Boy oh boy am I glad I stayed – the rewards I am now reaping are just incredible.

In terms of Susie’s business skills, the spa grossed £180,000 in the first six months, which was miraculous. The previous spa there had taken £70 per day if that. The training she gave these kids was invaluable for building their businesses, yet the lack of appreciation was staggering – still Susie kept on keeping on and kept the faith.

Susie’s comment has been that, ‘These people have not betrayed me, they have betrayed their own souls and that is the truth.’

One of the three people has been in touch to apologise for his part in the loss of Studio Psalm Philosophe and the original seed investment of £180,000. He has been asking just how he can make amends and gave us a list of damages he had incurred to property etc. He also had worked out that he messed up the accounting records and that this cost Susie dearly in terms of having to employ someone else to sort out the mess. He’s obviously put some thought into many aspects of where his irresponsible behaviour has harmed others and caused loss and he genuinely wishes to make financial recompense to Susie and the group. In his own words, ‘he doesn’t want to wait to be doing his own life review up there and obviously have this negative karma blocking his success in life from here on in’. He intends to settle his debt and therefore clear his karmic liability in the here and now. So people do come to their senses and nearly always value the great teachings on offer here.

There have been many other students who left the community honourably and tithed when Susie became ill due to the psychic attack and constantly answered calls for help, to help us keep on keeping on. Honk honk, all good goose medicine – team spirit and I have learned so much about the noble higher path and what it actually takes to commit to it and live it.

Recently Susie presented at ‘Alternatives’ in Piccadilly in London with her colleague, former Sunday Times Magazine columnist, Daily Mail columnist, award winning health journalist, Hazel Courteney. They shared an extract of their successful workshop called The Transformation. One of the directors there told her that her meditation was truly one of the most powerful energetically that they had ever experienced, including that of the living masters like Sai Baba. I know this is true and I get to live in that much power every day and it’s this guiding light within Susie, that lights the way for others.

Gary Malkin, the Musical Director of IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) in America said similar things after experiencing one of Susie’s powerful meditations at her charity event ‘Project Earth Alchemy’.

Here in spiritual community we are witnessing the magic that can happen when you can tap into universal life force energy, grounding this into your own being to be able to transform yourself and change your reality – lead into gold, hell into heaven. When you learn to live in love, abundance flows, and the instance of synchronicities always reveals when you are on the right path. We have watched an increasing number of influential people from members of the Royal family to influential Politicians pioneer Susie Anthony’s work. We have experienced first hand the wisdoms and insights of Dr Miceal Ledwith, former top 3 papal adviser, who appeared in ‘What The Bleep’, Dr Klaus Heiniemann, former NASA scientific consultant and co-author of the ‘Orb Project’, Dr Lana Israel, Harvard and Oxford Psychology graduate and Nobel Prize Bursary Winner, voted International Brain of the Year, Daniel Pinchbeck, author of worldwide bestselling book 2012 and Dr Lee Jampolsky, Doctor of Psychology and top international author.

Finally to put it into Susie Anthony’s own words ‘creating a universal consciousness for transformation, daily living the changes, making it fun, funky and for all! That’s magic.’ Also I have learned from Susie the true definition of MAGIC – Me and God in Control!

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