About Choosing A Reiki Master

You wouldn't buy a car from someone you hadn't checked out thoroughly - would you? You wouldn't eat in a restaurant that didn't have some kind of rating or good reviews - would you? Would you let medical people operate on you who were rusty or negligent, just in it for the money and badly trained? Do you check out your dog or cat breeders pedigree and authenticity? If you are buying a house, do you get a survey done and a valuation? Then... why oh why do people just attune to Reiki, something so incredibly life transforming... so powerfully important, yet without doing the due diligence work involved to check out the Teacher/Practitioner, their lineage and experience?

Actually I have come to realise over the last decade or so that it's a mistake common to many who are new to the spiritual path tending to see everyone doing spiritual deeds through rose tinted glasses... it hasn't yet sunk in that they need to practice discernment, that people do the do but this doesn't necessarily mean they are being the be of all this. It's about quality control. This negligent approach has brought the name of Reiki into disrepute because people attune with just anyone, find it isn't very powerful at all, feel nothing and then think or say... Reiki is Rubbish. They throw the baby out with the bathwater. Please help us stop this NOW! Why can I put my hand on my heart and recommend my mentor, Reiki Master, award winning author, Susie Anthony? Well mostly because I have lived in her student community for many years, through times of plenty and lack. I have been privvy to how she lives her life daily... how she deals with loss, setbacks, betrayals, rejection... she walks the talk... her daily disciplines are never missed regardless. This is probably why so many powerful and influential people (see her testimonials page) are happy to endorse her and this work - they can see, feel and know this is the real deal. Susie was singled out as one of the top three healers in Europe and the USA by SundayTimes Magazine Award Winning Health Journalist and Spiritual Author, Hazel Courteney. Susie was approached by the Minister of Health to write a comparative study between Reiki and NFSH modalities of healing. She is frequently invited as a keynote speaker by the UK and USA Reiki Federations. She was also invited to speak about Reiki in similar organisations in Japan, Australia and Canada.

NASA Physicist, Dr Klaus Heinemann, ranked in the Top Ten Scientists in the world today... also a Reiki Master and Prof Miceal Ledwith, former Papal Adviser and Speech-writer... 17 years in the Vatican with Pope John Paul II, when they met Susie at the Manor House, both invited her to attend a think tank on consciousness with them in California in 2010... just the three of them, they were so impressed with her abilities and authenticity. She was recruited to head up the International Healing Academy of the late Dr Joshua David Stone, Psychologist... Prolific Award Winning Spiritual Author 1999-2003. His organisation though based in Los Angeles, had branches in over 29 countries. Susie's amazing life story has repeatedly been featured in most of the UK National newspapers and magazines and she was featured on ITV This Morning on the sofa with Philip and Fern for 40 minutes.

Her book A MAP TO GOD was voted best personal development book of 2009 and in 21 Years of Kindred Spirit Magazine. Her workshops have been attended by royalty, the rich and famous, yet she treats everyone the same. I have witnessed this for nearly a decade now... She also continues to tithe to the needy and never turns anyone away who hasn't the means to pay. Sure she makes mistakes or loses her footing from time to time - we all do. The difference is that Susie spots it in the moment, shares about it and takes corrective action. It's thanks to this that I am learning to do the same and my world has become a much better place with all the tools she shares!

We have witnessed all kinds of healing miracles... cancerous inoperable brain tumours, AIDS, Lupus... all kinds of supposedly incurable diseases - GONE! She doesn't just offer her clients a healing fix, she gives them tools to take away to practice as a maintenance plan and they work, if you work them.

Also - she has never aged since attuning to Reiki... she is approaching 60 and still looks and she says FEELS 15-20 years younger!

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